1. You’re a knob man, surprised you had time to tweet today. Should you not be in east wall shouting fuck off back to Ukraine you pussy to male refugees?

  2. The little fuckers will probably report me 😂😂

  3. Did you get reported?? I woke up to two separate warnings about comments being removed.

  4. nooo more americans probably

  5. That's the noise that two drums and a cymbal make when they're thrown off a cliff.

  6. It’s the only thing that makes sense. The guy is not only the last person Trevor is seen speaking to but the last person (along with someone else) that is caught on CCTV walking behind Trevor.

  7. The stuff they dug up, guns etc, weren't connected with this case though. I dunno, I may be naive but the lad doesn't look like the type to mouth off. Plus he was sober enough to go back to his office and get an umbrella and sort out a few things he needed in the morning.

  8. If you read between the lines of account statements he was upset that night (about a girl) and was pretty drunk. I think he could’ve said something even innocently that was interpreted the wrong way. Maybe he even assumed the pimp/dealer was some lowly hooker punter and made a joke

  9. Im certain the two guys following him had something to do with it but it's just hard to imagine someone getting killed over a snide comment in Dublin, especially if those guys were pimps in the area. Surely the heat would have been too much?

  10. It’s pure comedy but the guy is taking himself seriously

  11. Ah, ok I saw that! He refuses to leave, and the cops show up and he still won't budge?

  12. Instead of the tenner, may I interest you in a barely used 6yr old blender?

  13. There's a serious housing crisis here at the moment, probably explains why they aren't getting replies from emails.

  14. Club Orange is the BEST, I prefer orange fizzy drinks but lately Fanta has been leaving my mouth feeling gross.

  15. Is there a chipper or fast food joint nearby? Looks like the result of a failing grease trap which you should then call the Environmental Health Officer. That'll be sorted out soon enough if so

  16. Peeing for a few mins? I would go to a DR thats not normal

  17. Not ringing any bells, maybe try the Newfoundland angle. Accents are quite similar in Fairness.

  18. I worry that she'll find out that I'm worth more dead than alive.

  19. My da told me I didn't have a birth cert, he got an apology letter from Durex instead. I took the hint.

  20. Maynooth is a very liberal town so he's not going to find many like minded morons.

  21. Isn't the university linked to Ireland's largest catholic seminary?

  22. The buildings themselves obviously aren't liberal. The student body, on the other hand...

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