1. I don’t have central AC, and I shut off the wall units to check. But yeah, I keep flip flopping between this being organic or mechanical

  2. Follow up for what it’s worth: my lamotrogine scrip was delayed, and I was off it for a couple of days. I wrote this today while waiting for the pharmacy to finally fill the scrip. I wasn’t feeling well, but only in that vague “is this an aura or did I sleep weird?” kind of way. Well. About two hours after I posted, I went fully into withdrawal induced CPSE for a few hours. I haven’t had a CPSE episode that bad since before I started my journey. I’m now out of it, and of course feel like I was run over by a tank a couple dozen times. Except for how I’m still getting those crunches every once in a while. Send soft thoughts if you see this; I really don’t want to have a late night meeting with paramedics.

  3. I've played around with alternative arrangements for sexual phenotypes in my worldbuilding before, but I pretty much refuse to use A/B/O terminology when I do so. It makes this a very difficult survey to fill out. I might be able to fill it out by just assuming equivalents to my own terms I prefer using, but I'm not sure how much that will fuck with your survey.

  4. oh my gosh, I get that! I had to put aside my really developed versions that have gone too far to be A/B/O and just answer with my more boring, simple version

  5. I have never ever taken a poll where I had to stop multiple times to say, out loud, "I hate this." Thank you (derogatory but also admiring).

  6. haha, I took it and kept pausing to whisper "no. no no no no no" at the things it implied

  7. Sound like they could be psychogenic non epileptic seizures. They are very similar in appearance to epileptic seizures but are not neurological and usually brought on by extreme stress or anxiety. Maybe mention this to your gp or neurologist if you have one. They are usually controllable via psychotherapy or ssri medication

  8. Seconded to talk to your doctor. I thought my time gaps and weird feelings were psychological, turns out they weren’t. Either way, it’s dangerous for you and for others, please get in touch with your doctor.

  9. Big yes. Mine draws a different line, but it’s super selective. Ie, I’ll know the exact details of something including quotes and outfits but can’t remember the name of the person, or when it happened. It’s infuriating.

  10. This has now fully healed, but I never got to a doctor and I’m very curious what it was. It showed up as a mild itchy spot only on my arm a day after going to a CVS, and resting this arm on a chair. It took about 36 hours to go from flat and a little itchy, to raised, very hot, and no longer itchy. It stayed for about three days (didn’t grow) and have a very small about of clear yellow fluid that came out of cracks when it started drying. The texture was initially vesicles, that slowly joined up and became one big lump, but it wasn’t a single blister or bubble. Eventually it got dry and would tear off in sheets then return shallower. It took about three days for it to go away, though there’s dark skin there now, a month later.

  11. I live alone, so my neuro told me to take a note of anything that could be a seizure. He said if it felt equal to, or more severe than what I'd had before/since starting meds to call immediately, but that if it was an aura/I wasn't sure, to tell him at my next appointment. FWIW I also have a security camera in my house if I ever need to check for visual indications.

  12. We thought my extremely bad stretch of mental health issues was just that. Then I started getting what we later diagnosed as focal seizures and status epilepticus.

  13. Fwiw mine does the same thing. Like it’s rolling gravel over gristle.

  14. I've done five eegs with a strobe in the last year. I get this every single time, and I have seizure activity in all my eegs.

  15. Most of them are in this country... but which type? I've been dealing with LA's buses, which are dirty and crowded. Or, I guess what I should really ask is - what's the alternative? Uber? Is the city bike-able?

  16. Me too. I have never been a romantic, and now I'm no longer forcing myself to pretend I enjoy romance. It's been freeing, and super successful on dating apps!

  17. Okay so. I’m going to give this the best possible chance here and ask some questions. We’re you both in high school together for a full year? That matters because there is this invisible flexible line that can be hard to shake if you both existed as minors (and friends) first which can have you both looking at this like you’re peers. Has he dated people significantly younger than him before? Trend lines can help you here.

  18. We're not in-person interacting, its an online relationship (And I know he could be some 40 year old man but still) and we aren't in the same grade. I asked him and he said he hasn't dated anybody under at least 2 years of him (so say when he was 16 he would have dated somebody possibly 14) so he's new to the "15 and 19" thing, He's really nervous about telling his IRL friends about us. He's relatively nice and doesn't lash out or anything at all, he's a relatively good person (from the interactions I've had with him) so I'm not worried about the "abusive manipulative" relationship that happens. My birth day is coming up so I'll soon be 16 (16-19 that's only 3 years age difference, still a sorta big difference though). Him being nervous to tell his friends/family about our relationship isn't just because of the age difference, is half because his family is Christian, he doesn't know how they would take it. Add the age difference and he probably wouldn't have a warm bed to sleep in. If you see anything wrong with my reply/any more advice please tell me.

  19. Okay. What I'll say hands down is that this does not look good. Just based on the other comments, you can see that. It being a purely digital relationship, honestly, is a mark against this being a healthy relationship.

  20. I’m not really expecting video calls to build a relationship, but I think it’s a start since I don’t know if he has even told them I exist. The younger was two when I last saw her, so he may have tried to memory hole my existence.

  21. I'd start by trying to get to go to their birthdays and events like that before asking for regular video conversations. Be available for them to talk to you. Let them really see you and know you. It's how I would go about getting into my child's life. Especially since you're a woman. They're going to be women. Us dad's try but we're not wired the same way to answer questions they might have.

  22. We’re on opposite sides of the country unfortunately, but starting with major holidays is a good idea. As for how long, I don’t mind it being five or ten minutes. Before he cut me off we did FaceTime every week and the older did really well with it, so I’m clinging to optimism. He has remarried, and based on how badly he’s treated me, I won’t be surprised to find out he has tried to pretend I don’t exist.

  23. Humans can only live about 3 days without water, and if he's exercising as well, it would probably be less. Unless he's injecting a rehydration fluid, your friend would be putting his life at risk. I'm not a doctor, but this sounds like a scam.

  24. 10 months! I woke up in an ambulance 8 years ago because I had my first grand mal seizure in bed with my ex… I’ve yet to be diagnosed with anything but it’s definitely put my life on pause. I thought my medication was controlling them on two different occasions and went back to work and it caused me to write off two Vehicles. The first 12 or so grand mal’s I had were very violent convulsions and even though they happened while I was in bed (right at the time my alarm was set to go off) and I never had any memory of them occurring I KNEW when they happened because every muscle in my body hurt and my tongue would be white around the edge. I also had one where I was not in bed. One second I was in the shower & next thing I knew I was naked in the kitchen with my head right threw the wall. That’s when I switched to talking Keppra and as far as I know I’ve never had another grand mal again but I seem to keep having something that looks like an absent seizure. I’m completely unaware having them (except one occasion where I was using a gps device and all of a sudden I didn’t have a clue what the device in my hand was for) people say that I’ll stare at them for a few minutes and try and continue the conversation as if nothing happened or I’ll walk around randomly and ask how I got there… such an odd trait for me to pick up at the age of 25!

  25. oh boy, honestly, if I went that long without a clear answer I'd have burned the whole city to the ground in a fit of pure rage. I fortunately (?) have been unemployed, and was able to do appointments without any conflicts.

  26. It depends on the heat needed to remove the resist, and whether the resist is water soluble or needs a detergent. Some of the waxes should be fine, since they need a bit warmer temperatures to remove (200F+) than the temperatures acid dyes need to set (160-180F). I've had mixed results using washable school glue gel with immersion dyeing, but it seems to be fine in low immersion techniques and doesn't wash completely out until the detergent is applied. That can lead to very soft lines, of course.

  27. I'm okay with soft edges, I'm headed towards a watercolor look. Since I'm doing this with finished objects and with condiment bottles, I'd count as low immersion... but then I have to heat to set the dye.

  28. If you're using a gen 2 pen you can swap between brush and eraser by double tapping on the pen. This sometimes happens just by holding it and moving your fingers a little bit. Try docking your pen onto the ipad and see if it still does it.

  29. You can toggle that option off in settings as well! I had too

  30. I'm going to go find out how to do that, this has been making me crazy!

  31. The prep paperwork they gave me (haven’t done it yet) said explicitly not to fix things myself, but to go in to them to get it reattached. That’s for a 72 hour one.

  32. My Vit D was at 17 when I started with my doctor. I started taking 5000iu a day, have for months. My numbers are better, my sleep is not, and I'm on a fourth Rx trying to get a handle on my insomnia.

  33. I'm not sure how you made the eeg head wrap look intentional and lightly fashionable, but I'm impressed. Good Luck!

  34. Me and my ridiculously short nail beds mean that when something breaks off it’s a full tragedy. 🙃

  35. Ooof - get yourself an adult bev of your choice (or water), sit on the couch and hopefully relax.

  36. Thanks. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be all kinds of pretty colors by tomorrow. And I’ll take off my nail art and do a nude polish on my couch tonight. I have three others broken and put together with tea bags, I’m going to have to take this as a sign though.

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