1. Nice. That token is what gave me the flexibility to bust thru L160 two days ago.

  2. There are times when after an adjustment, I consume 10 rounds or less on my RFB for .308.

  3. I jumped guilds several days out from the event launch. No regrets. Prolly goimg to stay since these guys evict absentees.

  4. Was the flexible bump I needed along with 400 of that currency to select spare nikke copies to bust thru 160 wall.

  5. Hopefully its a synergistic I-II-III team. Maybe a strong Burst III, as Tetra is lacking in those.

  6. Comorragh is immortal by plot. A rift to the warp was torn open, and Comorragh fucking won.

  7. Hilarious thing is, small trench raids are actually a valid tactic, sturm tactics, even. As in, high value, small footprint. Either its a smash and grab, sabotage, or infiltration in depth to prep for the decisive strike. But... done at small enough scales to not warrant the enemy standing to, reinforcing, or seeing enough of the intention to counterdeploy.

  8. The Imperium can raise new fleets. Every Craftworld is a doomsday ark from the fall.

  9. I got the barrel, and went experimenting with the rest for my AR. Part of the fun for me is the tweaking, testing, and refining.

  10. It’s specifically for competition. If you need 15 12 gauge shells for home defense, you should have a security system instead. Who the hell wants to deal with a dead body AND a $10k drywall job

  11. Actually, the KSG does it in stock configuration with common 12-gauge 2-3/4" shells in 7+7+1 configuration between both tubes and the chamber.

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