Twitter suspends Jordan Peterson's account after comments about Elliot Page

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  1. He was originally matched up with Bobby Green. He really lucked out He got matched up with Cowboy instead, iml

  2. From what I have heard from fighter interviews all PPV fights (including prelims) are on a strict schedule compared to fight nights which can end sooner than scheduled.

  3. That's surprising, considering we just had a Fight Night that had so many finishes with 40 minutes of bullshit promos in between.

  4. Seems like a nice dude TBH Adopted a child because he always wanted to

  5. Because for all the bluster reddit says about him and the public opinion if him, Chris Pratt makes money. People pay to see his movies, the controversy around him sells.

  6. The author of the books Jack Carr always wanted Chris to play this role as well.

  7. The word racist gets thrown a lot so I’m very skeptical , I feel like I would of read about cerrone using the n word especially nowadays

  8. The real reason to hate him: He is an Italian guy from Denver larping as a cowboy.

  9. Wonder how Max will look this time. I feel like against Yair he was looking more noticeably stunned at times and the reliance on his chin just looked so much more apparent there.

  10. Why the fuck is Rogan dressed like he’s going to a wedding

  11. He can't button up his top button because of his stumpy neck. He can afford some custom shirts.

  12. Izzy "I don't like the UFC hiding my loss" some crazy fans "OMG Izzy is so arrogant, I hate his attitude!"

  13. He had Tim Kennedy, thank you for his service, in his corner. Automatic L

  14. I don't know heard merc told lewis to take a cool down lap and said it was a mistake after.

  15. It’s not an unpopular opinion because holding it doesn’t make you unpopular. It’s just an opinion. You enjoy it good for you. I feel like it’s less great Jack Ryan and I already don’t think Jack Ryan is especially good.

  16. "He’s like another Sam Worthington or Jai Courtney" Wow, that was incredibly harsh.

  17. Isn't Russia allied with China? Or are they just kind of stand-offish?

  18. I was there also. Canada does t really have a hooligan sport culture compared to the U.K

  19. That's reserved for Hockey games. Montreal has been burned on fire before because of hockey games

  20. What fuckin idiot would place 2 opponents that close to each other backstage?

  21. Burns has the worlds thickest neck

  22. Based on his IG he also looks like a guy who jacks off to himself in the mirror

  23. Just read his new book about his life. Tim is a straight up psychopath . At one point he has 2 different girls pregnant and decides now is a good a time to join special forces and fight the war while simultaneously maintaining a legit MMA career. Like ? Where are your kids ?

  24. I'm sure they are safe in the world with their dad publicly inviting terrorists to come get him.

  25. Thanks . Coincidentally I read his book yesterday and he speaks on it. Wild story his friend is getting his vehicle shot and Tim throws a grenade into the window and unfortunately it hits the guy and kids and women. Eventually he has to face the family of the people he killed later on since the ones who survived were air lifted to his camp. I know you don’t like Tim but if you ever get a chance his book is pretty intense. Anyways have a good day

  26. That's not the story he told ok the podcast. He said he wouldn't feel like clearing rooms so he would carry around a bag of grenades and use them to clear rooms.

  27. American capitalism, make as much money as quickly as you can.

  28. American businesses think in quarterly profits. China thinks in the long term. As in centuries.

  29. Ireland. In the last week or two suddenly every other person I know or work with seems to have it. Mostly pretty mild, thankfully, but the blink-and-its-everywhere spread was fairly wild - a friend who's started a new job in a small office has had her start date delayed for two weeks because literally everyone on the team has just gotten Covid so there's no one to train her in.

  30. Why would anyone do that and give money to the party they don't want to win? That seems a bit counter productive to me.

  31. Party they don't want to win? Canadians have voted both OC and Liberal governments in and out of power. We aren't Americans that define themselves as left or right voters.

  32. "Marvelitis" as if major Hollywood productions haven't always.had incredibly raised stakes

  33. I don't understand why he did that. There are plenty of doctors in America (edit: and even MORE here in Canada) who will give you a slow taper to wean yourself off benzos, even if you were getting them illegally. He could have flown to L.A. there's dozens of such doctors there. It takes a few years but when you stretch it out like that it's really not that hard.

  34. It wasn't driven by logic. He thinks he's smarter than everyone else so no one can tell him anything contrary to what he thinks. He claims to have read 300 books on climate change and that it's not real, he claims eating an all beef and water diet cured him of his ailments. He has to be dr. Know it all

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