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  1. Unfortunately you will have to learn to not take things so personal. I used to be a PCT, and would try to work with my patients, ie “if I come back in 15 minutes, can I get your vitals” or “this will be super quick, I appreciate your help”

  2. Hmm, I just hate how I will absorb other peoples emotions, I do it more then the average person does and I have met some amazing people because of it, but I have also been in some scary situations and made questionable brash decisions because of it (quit jobs in my past because of stories I made up about shame that was blown way out of proportion).

  3. You'll need to give Presonus a shout about that, or have a look on their website.

  4. Ya, I been trying to get their help the past few days, just moving really slow. There isn’t much troubleshooting for my specific issue, would be easier if I had a technician help me. I hate how I subconsciously feel like I have wasted money thinking I was gonna get something cool and easy out of playing guitar

  5. Like I said, it would be easier just to buy some cheap studio monitors. I've literally never heard of anyone routing audio from an interface to a TV. It's a bit of a convoluted setup. You haven't wasted your money, it is fixable.

  6. I don’t know “much” about studio equipment, can you enlighten me to what studio monitors are (the ones you are referring to) and where I can acquire them? I’m sorry, I would love to know more!! I just have a lot of ignorance.

  7. I wonder if there is a person that played Elden Ring and found the Crystalians to be their favorite enemy type. They get butterflies in their stomach when they see them, and actually take time out of their day to daydream things they do. This person knows all their moves sets and mimics the sound they make and knows how to imitate their moveset in real life. They actually want to cos-play them at conventions, out of ALL other enemies, THEY are their favorite. The big blue hopping guys.. They go to literal events and represent Elden Ring on their behalf.

  8. Today started off very very frustrating and overbearing, I was worried my paycheck was not going to cut it to get me and my family by. I was so wrapped up in worry that I did not see different avenues to look at my problem. I really reflected and worked hard on understanding my situation today and it paid off, because, not only did I wind up with more in my budget. I also am able to start thinking about a plan to invest in my passion which will lead to hopefully one day a potential career path for me that I actually look forward to. Today is a blessed day, I think every day is a potential candidate to change your life, it just depends on where you shine your ray of perspective.

  9. Reality is both. It may be hard to see this considering we tend to think of things being either one or the other… but why can’t it also be both? We don’t know how the universe works, not truly, and given the nature of how we speak our language, we are also severely limited in expressing it. Our language helps us describe our exterior world, without words to describe things, we would not know what something is. The color blue was not a color until more advanced knowledge for colors made way conceptually giving it a name. People didn’t see blue until blue as a concept was formulated back in ancient times.

  10. What about it being both but ultimately being one? That Alan Watts likes to say the universe has programmed its inner coding to suggest that it plays hide and seek with itself. He says reality is more so closest related to a drama than anything else, we are all just a different mask of the same thing, but that same thing is everything. When you look at those illusions where you see either 2 faces or a wine glass, ask yourself, why can’t I see both at the same time? Why can’t you see night and day at the same time? Why are light and dark 2 separate things? They are both a contrast and a singular entity at the same time. They are one thing but 2 things as well.

  11. It is a theoretical model that isn't disproven and called wrong by most people (that understand it, I don't understand most of it). A theoretical model that isn't disproven adequately has much weight as any empirical truth

  12. I am not talking about the validity of what you said, that is somewhat irrelevant towards my intended intention. What I came to say was pointing out not "what" you said, but "HOW" you said it. People don't want information crammed down their throats with "this is objective facts that [insert this here]", you will be most likely ignored and not gather any masses.

  13. Oh, I said "objective fact" as a form of half-bait, I do that sometimes and it's a habit I've developed more as I've joined alt-right discord servers to debate things like racism and shit and I've wanted to try to get into a debate with a big amount of neo-nazis, phraseology is fun like that. it's still undebunked (well, not adequately able to be debunked as it's too complex due to difficult phraseology that could have been explained way simpler.) But yea, it doesn't matter, the basic claim is still true, it's not a feeling or opinion and generally, religion is a worldview based in mainly facts but these facts culminate in opinions and views that lead to religion being a belief that isn't seen as most as either right or wrong. However, the CTMU is based in hard data purely, as it is just a non-partisan scientific theory that doesn't come from a biased approach, it is left up to interpretation but as someone who is not an empiricist, a theoretical model cannot be debunked unless another theoretical or even empirical model debunks it (though researching it empirically is a waste of time). Anyway, honey instead of vinegar wasn't my goal cause I was seeing the hivemind mood that comes from a reddit storm, wanted to be a bit of contarian but still take up a right position that I personally hold and even get a counter-argument with logical backing to someone who has read the CTMU (or summaries of it like I have) and still thinks it's bullshit. I get lectured on phraseology meant to be a news article hook and is still correct. Anyway, it is not left up to interpretation, you don't live on and your opinion is bad, and it is scientific conjecture that is interpretable but no one has created an interpretation of it saying it's wrong, next!

  14. I’m just stating why people downvoted you, they initially read the objective fact part and to them, that set the tone and they didn’t like it. Just trying to offer insight as to why. It’s up to you what you do with it. Throw it in the trash for all I care. Nobody else can make me or you believe anything if you don’t allow them to.

  15. I already don't. Is intuition not simply belief, aka religion?

  16. I'll do whatever i please, as a non-doer, thank you very much. And drop the "you think." That's a delusion.

  17. I’m not telling you how to behave. Just explaining my perspective friend. Sometimes my intention gets lost in translation. Happens a lot with how I am, my own character flaw. You do whatever you want.

  18. Yes, unfortunately the "ego death" cult has invaded this sub and attack anything not sufficiently nihilist.

  19. “Ego death” is a real experience but it’s more of a means to be a temporary experience, not a thing your forever forgo. Just don’t get to fixated on the verbiage, as to not see what the actual experience entails. People think you have to consistently be building your spirituality off the back of always not having an ego, that that ego is this big bad wolf within you. And that’s simply not true. The concept of the ego is only a tool, nothing more. Power tools can hurt you if you do not know how to use them.

  20. Right on. Maybe my intent gets lost in translation. I feel as if love will make itself known if you look in between the lines.

  21. Is vibrational energy the same thing as listening to a song and “tuning in” so to speak (introspective thoughts and feelings) to it a certain way in which it co-harmonizes with you and your objective/subjective reality? Co-harmonizes as in, in a way that everything feels “exactly perfect” with every essence inside of your body, like when Yin and Yang are truly balanced and one. As it’s being proven so as everything in front of you is dancing to this (I.e. seeing 11:11, signs or billboards synchronizing to your thought patterns) everything!

  22. It varies from person to person, environmental situation to environmental situation. It is all about what harmonizes with my authenticity in the specific moment. I do not have any specific criteria that needs to be met to yearning one versus the other, my life isn’t measured in checklists and labels.

  23. I guess maybe my next question to that would be how do I learn to forgive? My resentments become so strong in certain moments, and they are directed towards people I love, and even myself at times. That I don’t know how to see forgiveness, I yearn for their remorse so much that even when I get it, it’s not good enough. I end up coming back, eventually, but it could take me days. By then I’ve pushed people so far away that the damage is done significantly on their end… it makes me feel really sad that I do this.

  24. Easier said then done but by just doing it. You’ll automatically go through the emotions. Just feel them out and don’t repress them. After your grievances pass, put new standards on the people you love. Create new rules and codes for yourself on what to expect from people. Not sure if your religious but don’t rely on any human being for anything and only God. I hope that helps.

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