1. Oscar has teased his appearance in interviews and the show has put many hints of him it’s really obvious that he exists. I don’t know how he will show up though it’s possible that he will just show up in a post credits scene. Charles Xavier was different bc there weren’t hints of him in wandavision like with Jake

  2. I really hope I’m wrong and we end up getting an announcement for season 2. While I would also like a movie it is not enough to explore everything. I recently saw on Twitter how the marvel account changed the wording of “series finale” to “season finale” so that gave me at least a bit of hope. I’m just trying to not have expectations so I don’t end up getting disappointed

  3. Even oscar has teased his appearance in interviews, he will definitely show up but I think it might be in a post credits scene

  4. Anybody see how it could not possibly be Jake at the beginning of episode 5? I think that was the most obvious one yet.

  5. No he did. Somebody asked if he could confirm. The Director said no I cannot confirm. He wants us to keep speculating. It’s definitely Jake.

  6. He actually later rted someone saying that it wasn’t jake 😭I feel like once we see Jake it won’t be subtle, we will know

  7. I want to make this clear. Marc didn’t “create” steven that’s not how DID works. The alter steven formed as a way for the brain to react to trauma. Both marc (which in this case is the host) and steven are alters of a DID system, neither is a creation of the other it’s a result of dissociation and trauma

  8. It is currently more popular bc the show is on rn in Disney plus. The general public had no idea about the comic character before this

  9. Yeah I see what you mean. I do think that episode 5 and 6 might deal with some serious topics, and I like how it is more of a character study on moon knight, but as far as moon knight goes it could be way darker, it has a lot of that mcu lightheartedness which isn’t for everyone. I feel like some were expecting it to be dark like daredevil and if you expect that you might get disappointed

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