1. Gentle Halo hit at 8.5v for flavor, followed by the TiTi at 485° on DC controller for the punch. I could kill it in one easily with the TiTi at this temp alone, but doing it this way DEFINITELY has more effects and flavor. Feels like free herb. It's been my go-to for a bit now.

  2. I haven't tried an injector vape yet, but 485F seems very hot?

  3. That temperature is the (supposed) coil temperature and not the temp that actually hits the herb when you draw air through the system. Plus, that number is notoriously inaccurate to begin with, especially with China PIDs. The best reading of the actual temp at the load that I've taken is roughly 430-440° with my injectors the way I set them.

  4. The problem with that mod on the LSV is there's too little space around the heater and too much space between it and the load. You don't want balls there. It simply doesn't perform like you want, from what I've heard.

  5. I'd second this. A homemade B0 using the 18mm shovelhead post is called a TiTi for your research. TiTi is my goto reach these days and my Evo still works. :)

  6. Straight Astronaut you’re going to space! I want to do this but im scared I’d blow my dab out! Notice any extra reclaim? I notice more reclaim when I pull it like a normal rig let alone the hybrid pump!

  7. This ain't ideal for the dab half, as you're applying positive pressure (and generally you are trying to achieve negative pressure with a carb cap)... but it sure did taste good!

  8. It doesn't hit like a ball vape, but one shouldn't disregard it because of that. It is one of the most unique vaping experiences around and definitely delivers in the FX department.

  9. This is an easy way to turn a Highlighter into a Dynavap-driving log vape. All you need is a standard 14mm female to 18mm male adapter, and a dyna stem large enough to close up the 14mm end of the adapter. I'm using an Ed's TNT stem here and it works great, even at low voltages (I'm driving it at 5.2v here).

  10. So you have a bowl with a built-in glass screen but the holes are allowing scoobies through? The bad news is that all glass screens are like this and you will need to resort to a mesh screen on top or hemp fiber under the glass screen to prevent pull-through. The good news is that using a metal screen doesn't in any way affect the flavor in my experience. I pop them in all my glass-screened bowls.

  11. This took a couple takes to get right, so my holiday is off to a stellar start! Hope yours is too...

  12. Improv-vaper ... I improvise with vapes. I am not a professional vaper.

  13. Talk more about it? I use dynavap only, but everything about this appeals to me. How hard was it to learn unregulated? Is it easy to combust? Difficult to clean? How many bowls until the battery needs to be swapped? Any negatives? Also, how do you contact Mr. Morwood? FC chat didn’t work as of a week ago.

  14. I've used lots of unregulated vapes, so the learning curve was pretty easy for me. The bloom of the heater is actually pretty slow, comparable to my Milaana 1, which is my favorite unregulated vape for sheer performance. I like large rips and try to clear a bowl in 4-5 of them. For that, I use about a 7-second preheat (with a fresh battery) and it hits pretty quickly. Tunneling can occur if you push it too fast, but this is just physics. If you do it right, the roast is perfectly even with no spinning or stirring needed.

  15. Thanks for taking the time! Really informative. Do you have the medium or high heater? Not certain on the terminology:/

  16. I have both. I'm using the high heater exclusively.

  17. Thats an 18m plug in the banger holding the flower? This is awesome, big dab with a small flower hit

  18. Yes, 18mm basket screen in the bottom of an 18 to 14mm adapter holding the herb, donut of silicone sealing that to the top of the bottomless banger.

  19. I mean, I guess it was worth it if you have no other injectors. But it was pretty inefficient and slow. Not my first choice.

  20. Did you give it a good ISO swab and some heat cycles to burn off the factory oils?


  22. It's an Ispire Wand banger with a screen in it.

  23. I’m late to the party, but do you mind sharing where u got the mouthpiece for it?

  24. That's the mouthpiece for the Goo Roo HD3 bubbler

  25. Which do you like more, TiTi or Pinky? Also are rubies a must?

  26. They both are always lit around here and provide slightly different vibes... Pinky a little slower and more flavorful, the TiTi fast and powerful. But all very minor degrees leaning either way. If I had to pick one, it would probably be the TiTi.

  27. I have a DC PID which always runs hotter it seems. I’m at 480 for medium roast.

  28. Yup, My DC is by far my hottest PID. I run it considerably lower than anything else.

  29. These will be available shortly, officially endorsed by Vapman! Sweet idea and execution, as always from KG (along with inspiration from drdreiscreepin). Nice work.

  30. Never in stock, even more expensive, and from reports not as good as either TiTi or Pinky.

  31. flowerpot owners? lol. i can see the appeal in wanting to sell the fp stuff

  32. I mean I said one thing and let it go at that, surprised you're not supporting a more neutral approach as I mentioned above and allowing more of a forced opinion approach on us if we're being honest here

  33. You seem to be missing the point. I believe on purpose.

  34. I've been eyeing up a freeze pipe to limit water contact while still cooling the vapor a lot more. Very tempted. My acquisition syndrome is flaring up bad.

  35. Really cold surfaces are actually worse than water in terms of condensing vapor. Not sure in terms of flavor as I've never compared directly. Try just a bong or bubbler without any water first before spending money on a freeze pipe.

  36. What brand bong is that? I’ve been googling double jointed and all kinds of weird shit trying to find one even remotely similar. That a custom job? It’s effing sweet as hell is what it is.

  37. It is the Pulsar, but if you're asking about the bigass dropdown, that's a custom order from Elev8 glass. The claisen joint (passthru) I got on dhgate, but they're becoming more popular and available stateside.

  38. It was a custom order from Elev8 glass via Vgoodiez

  39. They both have strengths and weaknesses, but in terms of raw power, I'd say they are on equal footing.

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