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  1. Here's what you do. Take photos of your child just before you give them to dad. You pick your child up, take photos asap. Call your pedi asap, tell the office person that answers your call that you just picked your child up from their dad and they are covered in injuries and you are concerned and wish for them to be seen today. Make it very very clear that you dropped the child off without any injuries and they have come home with a ton of injuries and you're really really concerned and you need to see the Dr TODAY for an emergency visit. If they cannot squeeze you in you ask if going to the ER would be a good idea. When you're with the Dr tell them you're concerned about how the child comes back. Tell them of these times you've posted about and tell them you don't have photos though, unless you did take photos. Tell them dad brushes everything off but you want to make sure your child is okay because they are too young to speak up and you're super concerned. Show them the photos of when you dropped the child off, ask if they can age the injuries based on bruising, or progress of healing.

  2. EOW is something like 7% custody if I remember right. It's 26 nights out of 365. Check your state child support calculator online and input that.

  3. Every other weekend for us is starting Friday night and ending Sunday evening. He wanted to add thursdays nights so it equals 3 overnights and a day.

  4. So he has 14% custody with Friday and Saturday nights. If he gets Thursday Friday Saturday night it is 29% custody. You add up all the nights, take that number and divide it by 365, it will give you the % in a decimal. So Friday Saturday nights is 52 nights per year. So 52/365= .142... So that's 14% custody.

  5. Honestly? Be friendly and joke around with your team. The favorite sups were always the ones that could joke around, and actually listened to you.

  6. your instructor doesn't have good horsemanship. there is never a reason to be angry at your horse - as the more intelligent and responsible creature, it is always the human's fault when something goes wrong. we have to figure out how to communicate with them.

  7. To be fair horses are prey animals that are very much flight animals. It's not always the humans fault when something goes wrong. In the case of OP yes it was the humans fault, green rider, crap trainer, and the horse not being listened to. That isn't always the case though.

  8. Well carrots are deadly to rabbits so it could’ve been that too

  9. Not really though. They can be used as treats but are high in sugar and if fed in high amounts can cause health issues. Feeding a rabbit a carrot won't kill it. A heart attack will kill them.

  10. advice : she sounds childish and not like a very good friend…

  11. I rolled my eyes reading that first part. That's not a friend that's a bot fly and you should get it away from your horse.

  12. So until the child is willing to speak I don't think there is much you can do. My older two are old enough to talk to the judge but they aren't willing yet. They see the abuse they get now and they think if they speak to the judge and say they don't want to spend as much with him, that the abuse will crank up.

  13. Agree it really depends on the house. Had a jack n Jill in a 2 bedroom with pocket doors. Means you had to tell everyone if you were taking a shower or bath, meaning keeping tabs on everyone in the house so you didn't barge in on accident. And guests had to go through a bedroom to go to the bathroom. It was horrible.

  14. They had them, they were old and crap. The plan was to add onto the end of the house. Run the hallway another 25', move the bathroom opposite the master between two bedrooms, then add an insuite to the master, and put a laundry/mud room in the end of the hall. The living area was the first project, we remodeled the living room, dining room, added built ins, removed a fireplace, and wood stove, added a coat closet. We were about to start the kitchen when 08 happened.

  15. As a contractor what I say is I don't have to live with it. So you being the person that has to live with it as yourself is this going to bug you every day? Or can you learn to ignore it fairly quickly? If you can't ignore it have it changed out, or do just a single layer. If you can ignore it then leave it.

  16. It’s bugging me now. Not sure if I just get used to it but it is an expensive project to not be fully satisfied with the end product.

  17. Then I would tell your contractor no, to change it. Did they make the cabinets shorter on the island so that the counter is the same height with the other counters with it doubled up? Or does doubling it up make the island a bit taller than the other counters.

  18. I did simply because an upgraded forge sets you up better in the start of a mine.

  19. It's not a contest. No matter where you live 20° hotter in your truck is still 20° hotter than your body is used to.

  20. Absolutely! And maybe that's why he's confused? I don't know, but it could be a good explanation! Although as mentioned, it also comes in colours that can't be mistaken as cum, haha.

  21. Agree with the others replying to this. There have definitely been times I can't even tell the difference and I've been ovulating most of my life now. Because ovulation discharge can look a whole lot like semen.

  22. Just shove my hand to the back of their mouth.

  23. I have to hard do these huns have to try and convince themselves that putting EOs into food actually tastes good because their upline tells them it's supposed to???

  24. To be fair real vanilla extract is just super concentrated vanilla in the cheapest liquor you can buy.

  25. I am only able to hear that name the way Bailey Sarian says it. AAQua ToeFFAAnA

  26. I don't know about your situation specifically, but in the US you see this a lot with parents who can't afford to take the kids to the doctor.

  27. Especially if they own their own business. We saw the Dr as needed. Even had my dad argue with my mom that I didn't need stitches after my horse gave me a cut right above my eye. I got 5 stitches just below my eyebrow. Yay self employment.

  28. I literally watched my dad sew his own arm up after a farm accident, because “why pay a doctor when cow antibiotics are the same thing?”

  29. Oh your dad takes the big yellow pills too?

  30. So I work at a pet store and often have small animals biting into my hands. I can’t imagine this guy can bite harder than a Syrian hamster and definitely not an unhappy ferret.

  31. Omg my very happy friendly ferret would bite you if you wouldn't play with him. His favorite game was hooking your foot under his belly and tossing him, he would run back for more for hours. If he ran up to your feet it was supposed to be known you had to toss him. If you didn't toss him he would bite you, which would result in kicking, and he might fly. My mom decided she was just wearing shoes in the house. Even his "kick me!" bites hurt, I cannot imagine if he was irritated.

  32. The fact he calls the factfile a "Pokedex" is also very disturbing now I never watched Pokemon I preferred Digimon because the characters mature and develop and the creatures are more impressive I feel but I know the setup to Pokemon where trainers capture and train monsters or creatures that stay in balls until they're summoned and called upon to fight each other which earns the trainer of the winning monster points or even awards so he's essentially already thinking of women as pets to be trained

  33. You summed pokemon up well. My kids love it and my dad says it's basically capturing wild animals and forcing them to battle each other to KO and keeping them in tiny cages much smaller than themselves forever unless they are fighting.

  34. I had never heard of Teavana so I looked it up on Wikipedia and I still don't understand how you can spend $250 on tea.

  35. It's owned by Starbucks now. Before they sold lose leaf tea blends. So if you have this super fancy oolong it could be $20+ per Oz. But hey do you have this uber special strainer? You'll need it to make your tea perfect!

  36. Thanks, I see what you mean. While you're there, can I interest you in this teapot made from exquisite Japanese porcelain?

  37. Yup! You got it! Tbh their blends seemed so mediocre at best especially for the price. I could get much better blends for cheaper at other tea shops.

  38. My only complaint, which came from a driver to me, is that tire. It's going to roll on turns and it looks like there was enough room between mfr and rdr to lay it down.

  39. I imagine sunscreens are pretty heavily controlled products. I doubt they can go to market as "sunscreen" without meeting a certain standard

  40. Apparently it's only related in Australia. No knew else cares about sun exposure.

  41. Uprooted, by Naomi Novik? It's not as a punishment though.

  42. Never had to make one as she wasn’t living in the same state as I was, she was gone when they gave me custody.

  43. I'm going to third counseling, both individual and couples.

  44. Nice bus. Huge kitchen knives on a magnetic strip on the wall, maybe not while driving.

  45. I was thinking no crash standards on RVs. So nope. Unless it's an actual converted bus then maybe.

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