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US singer Meat Loaf dies aged 74

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  1. I desperately want to believe this will be the outcome. Republicans rely on low voter turnout to win. The worst, most painful things you can do to HURT a Republican are to vote and tell others to vote. But I'm still incredibly uneasy about people instead just feeling discouraged and disenfranchised - and voter discouragement and disenfranchisement is what the GOP wants more than anything because their base is 100% committed.

  2. One blue requires two red votes to be cancelled out. It then take 3 red votes to win when you cast your single blue vote. If you don't vote, you basicly just give two free red votes to the other side with your lack of action.

  3. If two people with O blood have a child, the child will have O blood. Whereas if two people who are each A or B (not AB) have a child, it's possible for the child to have O blood.

  4. Waves, that second child is me. For a few brief seconds, I had daydreams of being adopted when I found out I was O- when I joined the military. My mom is AO- and my dad was a BO+, but neither knew they had the O recessive until I found out my blood type.

  5. Unearthed arcana Thurgist is what your looking for, if you want a few cleric healing spells as a wizard. I chose this for our last campaign with dm approval, because we only had a bard, a fighter, and an artificer in the group and our team of NPCs is known as team fuck up for a reason.

  6. I agree with others that seeing a doctor makes a lot of sense in situations like this.

  7. I have to admit that your boob sling idea got me thinking. Do you think a tube top be a good version of this sling/gauze holder?

  8. I’m surprised it’s not police protocol now to use DNA and forensics on incidents like this to find the person responsible. This is the clear signs of a serial killer developing.

  9. They could swab for fingerprints as that is cheaper, but the chances of getting a good usable print AND a developing killer being in the fingerprint system is so low it's near nil. It's the same chance if not lower odds with a dna test.

  10. Familial dna databases are a thing now. Maybe it’ll be utilized more in the future.

  11. Those databases are owned by private corporations, not the police or government and most private companies are more concerned with not breaking the contract about customer privacy concerning sharing the data then with making things easy for police to access that info. So far it is only been used in cold cases that are decades old and with current laws and contracts, that likely will be the only valid way for cops to use privately owned familial dna bases.

  12. This is very good general advice if you want to extend the life and fit of your clothes or have good/great quality clothing that you want to keep for years. Things like dress shirts, suits, expensive sweaters, and besoke items, like more the $50+ a piece.

  13. My brother just got me this game! I’ve held off getting into it yet because I hear it can just be so overwhelming at the beginning. Any tips for a beginner?

  14. Start with the basic map or a river map and fish whenever you can. Fishing is a great way to earn extra money for seed and upgrades during the first year. I also fix the bridge at the beach asap because the foraging there is a great way to bring in extra money too.

  15. In this picture, it just about 30 miles east of Kansas City Mo., headed east towards St. Louis.

  16. The plane is likely heading to Scott airforce base. It's a 30 min car drive nearly due east from stl in Illinois. Wouldn't be the first time these planes have landed there.

  17. Commercial buildings like this in the IL area usually designate the bathrooms as shelters. These kinds of buildings are not gonna have dedicated tornado shelters, like basements or sunken shelter rooms like you see in private homes or in Oklahoma.

  18. Clindamycin gel, Doxycycline, and fluconazole are the three scripts my dr gave me and the gel is the best product I have used for my flairs in the past year.

  19. New kids on the block were my first celebrity crushes and pogs were da bomb.

  20. That plus a 19 year old who was let go because of financial hardship.

  21. When I got called for jury duty in san jose years ago. One of the first things the judge and lawyers said was the type of case and supposed length of the case and asked if anyone was a college student or if the person would have financial problems by serving. These were the first people automatically let go after identifying themselves as one of these people.

  22. I use gauze pads and cotton gauze rolls under tight bike shorts made from breathable and wicking fabrics for awkward thigh boils, since I'm developing a more severe allergy to Latex and many of the cheap bandage glues contain a form of latex.

  23. My sister dodged death while in Asia with the peace corp when her group leader managed to arrange a plane flight a day early. Ironicly, dieing in a plane crash was one of her greatest fears as a child.

  24. I don't think it is proven she was a real person. It was a ballad. And one version was her becoming the king's or the princes concubine as a "reward".

  25. A chinese version of the story I learned of while studying fan fighting techniques said that Mulan did everything similar to the disney movie and was discovered to be a woman after an injury in battle. Where it differs is that when she was disgraced and kicked from the army, she never had a chance to redeem her honor by saving the emperor and foiling the huns. Her family was barely able to avoid the same disgrace and could only do so by ostracizing her from the clan.

  26. I'm tired and over it and just doing what I know worked in the past though my flairs are not as bad this month compared to previous months. It is more like going through the motions as have I realized this is just a new part of life now and I'm not alone.

  27. I doubt they forgot, but I also doubt that actress is available to do another cameo as she has her own career not tied to her step brother and step father.

  28. Talk to your doctor about various pain relief options. What works for others might not work for you, your job, or your state. I also live in pot is still illegal state, so smoking is not an option for me as well.

  29. We got that moment in the episode he was united with Tali; it was just so subtle that it took years to become obvious.

  30. One of my old art history teachers assigned a short (a paragraph would have gotten you a c) essay about a piece of art you had seen in person to her art history for non majors class. It was a writing assignment to satisfy the state's academic regulations that the students write at least one essay in the class and she made it as easy as possible for the students to have a topic.

  31. Do you have an Idea how I can use this if I dont have a bathtub at home? Can i make a hot water compress with this and apply it to my problem areas?

  32. You can always get a sitz bath kit, which is a small tub that sits on your toilet seat. You can still use the salts or soaps or such with them, just in a smaller amounts and it will handle just the groin area. The article includes an amazon link to a variety of sitz baths for sale.

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