1. This is the key. Thought he would pass more in the preseason games after summer league but he’s still not passing the rock. I’d rather take Pat Spencer lol

  2. I'm sad the Wizards didn't keep Spencer, he looked decent in summer league.

  3. We have to score a TD here, no excuses

  4. And Milne with a splendid return!

  5. DC is thirsty for a good basketball team. If we win the championship, I'll be partying for an entire week.

  6. The Maryland basketball team is generally considered a top program (Last summer most media outlets were considering the head coaching job there a top 20 job with regular expectations of contending for a chip, not just making the tournament).

  7. While the Terps have been relevant for most of Turgeon's time, I never thought his teams had a legit shot at being a contender (due to his inconsistent recruiting and questionable coaching). I think the last Maryland team that I thought could make a huge run was when they had Greivs Vasquez in his senior year with Gary Williams as coach, which was over a decade ago. Willard seems like he's making the right steps to recruit locally and keep talent here, so I have pretty high hopes for him.

  8. Having a bigger front court helps, especially since it looks like the backcourt will undersized against most matchups.

  9. Too bad the East is so stacked now, this squad should be really solid this year.

  10. crazy how much more I enjoy watching the games without JK on commentary

  11. No more cringe and way more chemistry

  12. Just throw it up there man, why are you taking a sack

  13. Way with 8 punts for 52.5 average is incredible 👏

  14. From my experience, unfortunately part of getting promoted can come down to some luck. If you have a supporting leadership group (maybe one of your principal devs) they might be willing to take you under their wing and allow you to lead, so that they can focus on higher level things. In this arrangement, it can be mutually beneficial. Other times, you may not have supporting leadership, or you don't have the right opportunities to showcase your abilities.

  15. This is more true in cases where there's a limited number of positions: team lead, staff+, management.

  16. That's true, but it's possible there's not enough scope for OP to take hold of a sizeable chunk of work. At least from these two quotes

  17. He's a type of player you want on his rookie contract, since he's already pretty productive, knows his role and is a good dude. His upside though is pretty limited and pure specialists might be getting phased out, since they become unplayable in the playoffs.

  18. I wouldn't describe him as a specialist tbh, I think he shows extremely high bball IQ when it comes to cutting at the right time. For example, in

  19. He's not the specialist in the sense of being like Jason Kapono and just standing in the corner, and I agree he brings value beyond just three point shooting. But I don't see him as being elite in anything else long term.

  20. Franchise cursed with ineptitude until Snyder sells

  21. Best D. Jeter in sports history.

  22. I'm just hoping Stafford doesn't get to 0 points.

  23. It's clear he has the work ethic to improve. How much success he sees will come down to his mental growth and resilience during the season.

  24. Nice to see him hit this type of shot. He didn't even attempt too many of those last year, apparently

  25. Tommy likes to trade opportunistically. I bet we see another mid-season trade if we are floundering, and some team is struggling and wants to mix it up.

  26. The Cavs are well setup for the future. Those 1st rounders will be mid to late picks most likely. Sexton didn't fit there anymore and Lauri is basically a JAG at this point.

  27. I agree with you. Might as well go for it during the duration of Beal's contract, as we can rebuild once his contract is up. We've also seen that anybody is tradeable in this league, and there's always opportunities to retool or blow it up for draft picks if we want.

  28. 2003 Chicago Bulls had a starting lineup of Jalen Rose/Scottie Pippen/Kendall Gill/Tyson Chandler/Eddie Curry

  29. I had no idea Pippen went back to Chicago for his final year.

  30. As a Wizards fan this was beyond painful, but showed me again why Ty Lue is so good. Who actually benches all his starters to begin the 2nd half?

  31. I hope he kills it. Need that hype build up before the season.

  32. The Lerners are who we thought they were.

  33. This is a great way to build a fanbase!

  34. Living the dream of getting paid big bucks and not working.

  35. Yes, I'll start with the obvious: the age demographic median of this sub is much lower than that of the NFL's. That naturally leads to lower-level and lower-effort discussions & content.

  36. I feel like it's been like this since I can remember on the internet, at least like 15 years ago on message boards. Usually the most "mature" sports forums would be baseball, followed by the NFL and the NBA.

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