1. Ong. Almost all of these creeps hide in dms and don't comment to avoid getting caught.

  2. Relatable. Make that natural face all the time. Definitely normal

  3. why the fuck was SCP-049 ( I think) genderbent and why did my brain concoct it

  4. I needed to say something because it was bizarre, first of all

  5. If you'll fuck me every other day sure

  6. im dragging your ass to church. gonna act as a pastor. get down & PRAY BITCH

  7. i'll drag your ass to a church & force you to pray on your knees

  8. Lmfao loser. Imagine being the PM for the fictional nation of England..

  9. Sinners, sinners all of you. As the very real resident Pastor, you need church

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