1. This boss took me a fucking week and gave me 13 reasons why. The Limit Breakers are the most pathetic units I've ever seen. LBSSJ4 Goku as a defensive unit my fucking ass! And LBSSJ4 Vegeta has the defense of a newborn baby getting hit with a metal bat! GS3, Ssj4 Gohan, and Ssj3 Goku were the true MVPs of this and GS3 got the final hit off like the Chad he is!

  2. Maybe you are doing something wrong because I beat it with almost that exact team on my first try and none of my units were rainbow. The limit breakers did work for me

  3. If I had a nickel for everytime the Devs were bullied to add funny stuff back in I would have two nickels. Which isn't a lot but it's weird it happened twice.

  4. Safely throwing your child around like this is actually a really necessary part of their physical development

  5. My advice- don't technobabble. Just say it works and leave it at that. Technobabble isn't actually interesting to read and it only invites your audience to poke holes in it.

  6. Well what if you're writing a character that has a habit of doing that, how would you write dialog for them?

  7. THE PERFECT SOURCE! I totally won't spend 8 hours dicking around finding more and more unorthodox ways to destroy the solar system!

  8. Ooooh, I love your art style! That girl on the left looks super cute!

  9. The Challenger Approaching Sirens from Smash Bros are blaring in my ears right now.

  10. Damn, making my Cunber Redzone Suoer Team run looking like Ledgic.

  11. Honestly yeah, they're pretty dang good. Them and 19 & 20 were quite helpful floaters when I fought Redzone Broly for the first time.

  12. The death-spirits in my world uses trick-weapons combining their usual tool with weapons that caught their interest. E.g. The Woodsman uses an axe that can transform into a marksman rifle; The Ferrywoman uses an ice hook that can extend into two chain hooks; The Rider uses a halbert that transform into a ballista that he uses like a crossbow, etc.

  13. You can always rely on 'Rock and Stone,' although if you don't want to include that, I understand

  14. From the looks of it, you didn't get the U Super off and if you did they would've attack broke Cell Max which would've allowed you to live

  15. Bro ur playing cell max and ur gods just didn't dodge.

  16. The alpha/beta thing is really played out, has very toxic associations, and was never scientifically accurate to begin with. Leave it out. Realistically, wolf packs have a mating pair at the top and their offspring making up most of the group. It's an extended family not a dictatorship.

  17. Now I'm thinking of the plot being a generational conflict between the Boomer Werewolves and Vampires vs the Younger Generation ones

  18. Your idea reminds me of the show Reboot which is a show that takes entirely inside of a computer and it takes advantage of that idea. An example is that a villain in the show at one point gets access to the paint program and causes havoc. I reccomend checking it out, not only for inspiration, but also because I heard it's pretty good. Skip season 4 though (I think that's the one Red from OSP said was bad).

  19. I’ll have to check it out. I don’t know if you mean “inside a computer” like a simulation like the matrix or inside the physical computer but either way sounds neat


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