1. How long did it take for you to receive the hamper? I got the membership on the 8th, and i still haven't received it.

  2. I see.. What is the procedure to buy from foxy? What's the membership thing?

  3. Foxtale website has the best offers from time to time. I just bought 2 hydrating serums and one vitamin c for 1099 and a cleanser mini free. Used almost all their products except their comfort zone and the new aha bha one! So far so freaking goood. Once they delivered my product late and they even gave me an exclusive 25% off coupon as a compensation. Now they deliver super fast like within 4 days of ordering

  4. The product is good but gets oxidised in a jiffy. I've tried covering it up with foil, inside a box, inside my cupboard. Nothing really works except refrigeration.

  5. I had no problems like that i keep it in the box that comes in and also i dont throw away the stopper. I keep it in my cupboard. Three bottles and still no issues

  6. No drastic results yet. Due to work i use it irregularly. But it has improved my skin texture and reduced like maybe 10% of pigmentation

  7. Its good. I use it for my beach walks. Makes reapplication easy. But its lil oily/sticky for my liking

  8. Its good. Has good protection with 3-4 hr reapplication. Didnt tan. I personally love the blue one from CC

  9. Hey, a question? How are we supposed to use salycylic acid plus niacinamide routine. How much frequency should both of them be? I am planning to get minimalist sa cleanser + to niacinamide serum(10 percent) P.S I have oily, clogged pores w blackheads

  10. If u r new to acids use salicylic acid alternate days in ur pm routine. Both the serums can be layered together. They actually work together very well. If facewash, can be used daily in ur pm routine

  11. Supplements only work if u have deficiencies or if ur diet lacks the daily requirements of nutrients. Gummy bears can be fun to eat but it my opinion go for regular pharmacy supplements. Becousles, supradyn, zincovit, neurobion etc are some excellent and affordable supplements. I personally use these, prescribe them to my patients n have compared the nutritional values myself. They have more amount/mg of the vitamins n minerals than these gummy bears (within RDA too). I always found those gummy bear supplements gimmicky.

  12. The early bird gets the worm. MM was one of the first few fashion bloggers in India and she has consistently stuck to it. Longevity guarantees work atleast in this business. She doesn’t dabble. She is rich and considerably well connected too, but these relationships are not easy to develop and maintain. When you utilise your privilege well and work hard, you make it big. Ps: it’s alright to not like her outfits, but commenting on her face is kind of a low blow. I may not personally like any influencer but that doesn’t prevent me from giving them credit where it’s due.

  13. Ur answer is the only right/ well explained one here n all the upvotes r for the ones that are shaming her. Well, she used her opportunities right and made use of her situation

  14. I love their vitamin c, retinol and eye candy. Works like a charm. Their sunscreen is decent too.

  15. Khikhi. Gaeyssss Gonna I can’t even understand what she talking in half of her videos man

  16. I had them too. I never found it disturbing or felt insecure about it. But i added HA serum and started using foxtale eye candy. Now they are almost non existent. Maybe ur skin needs hydration.

  17. Cos i have come from depression and anxiety where i couldn’t even do personal hygiene n ridden in bed to a point in my life where i am able to love myself. So ya.

  18. Hey, I want to ask you about any vitamin C product recommendation. Today I've ordered Minimalist Tranexamic Acid since I'm having dark areas around my mouth and I've heard it gives results after using it and one need to have patience while using it. Now I'm thinking to order a vitamin C product. Any recommendations that'll work best for me?

  19. If u r just starting to use vitamin c, go with ethyl ascorbic acid n low concentration. I used minimalist 10%. Worked well for me. If u r not a beginner then foxtale vitamin c or any vitamin c thats L ascorbic acid

  20. So helpful!! I would Love to know more about the Loreal one. Does it make your skin look greasy/oily? How does it feel after you apply it - do you sweat or does it feel heavy or anything?

  21. Hi i use it. I sweat and lot and very sunscreen i used made me sweat like a pig, sting my eyes so bad! But this sunscreen is so awesomeeeesee. No white cast. After 5 mins u will not even feel like u r wearing one. No eye sting. No pilling. Literally the best

  22. OMG THAT'S AWESOME!!! I THINK I FOUND THE ONE 😍 Loreal is a pretty trustworthy brand na? I kept searching this entire group for someone to properly talk about it and you finally did. Thank you!!!

  23. This is why I am hesitant to try COD in unknown sites like Foxy, Dhani, etc.. Because once my parents get used to giving money for orders, they might do it again by mistake.

  24. Hey can i know which one? And does it work on bumpy texture?

  25. Yes, it does. If u have dandruff do something for it too.sometimes dandruff will thr culprit

  26. Anyone can give sex-ed talks. They even have influencers recommending birth control in the US and they use influencers to recommend getting pap smears in the UK. We were given sex ed by school teachers who basically were the same age as Sarah with general knowledge (I'm not referring to biology teachers or those in hs with extra education)

  27. Recommending birth control, sex eds etc are even given by actors. Those are basic common sense/ general knowledge. Spreading awareness is a very good thing. When she adds the dr prefix, people who dont her might trust her even if she gives misinformation. Thats the problem. She could have sticked to her own profession and designation, provided good infos and gone viral instead of pretending to someome she’s not!

  28. Heyy can you please share your experience with the foxtale retinol? Been thinking of including it in my routine.

  29. Its really good. Its my first retinol. Its beginner friendly. Non drying and didnt break me out. I use twice a week. It improved my overall texture of my skin and the glow next morning is💜

  30. oh lol didn't realize it my post this time XD

  31. Any salicylic acid product will work. Serums will cost u within 500-600 depending on the brands. Minimalist one worked well for me. If not start with salicylic acid face washes (within 300) Minimalist, neutrogena has some good ones. Salicylic acid works well with Niacinamide. For me it was such a hit combo. Lower than this price range will be taking care of ur dandruff if u have, double cleansing and changing pillow cases frequently

  32. I am already on the second bottle of BM Salicylic acid cleanser but has not been effective on CCs. I also double cleanse. Any other solutions? I heard BM Salicylic Serum did not work at all for many people, what was your experience?

  33. It worked really well for me. Used it for like 6months. Paired it with Niacinamide, was very effective

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