Megathread: Trump Says He Expects to be Arrested Within Days

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. Oh but solitary confinement for 10 years would be so much sweeter. No one to truth or tweet to, no one to brag to… just sitting alone in his orange jumpsuit.

  2. And he won’t have any hair product, just one unkempt solitary cowlick dangling 5 feet down from an otherwise bowling ball smooth head

  3. I'm not a lawyer but I live about 5 minutes away from The now infamous Four Seasons landscaping company.

  4. I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I drink Lagrimas Naranja, stay thirsty my friends

  5. And it may thin out the herd just a little, who knows?

  6. Unfortunately a video of him “smoking crack” isn’t enough evidence to convict someone. As someone who works in film, there is enough wiggle room to say “that was fake, it was for the camera” where he’s not in any real jeopardy. Same with the gun. He’s have to be on video committing assault or something, and have an actual plaintiff. Everything else could have just been “parody”.

  7. Also consuming drugs is not inherently illegal, it’s the possession and distribution that’ll get ya

  8. Or releasing 5,000 taliban troops to cause a potential future ruckus for all of Europe.

  9. I want to see the study done about how many votes were lost in the mail due to team trumps years long fight against the postal system. Then I wanna see the break down of dem and repub vote estimates so we can see how many votes were actually lost through lack of “vote integrity”

  10. 🤣🤣 Salma has aged like a raisin while Sofia just keeps getting better and better.

  11. Plus eight American service men died in the rescue attempt.

  12. I mean, why not? If one is 17 and decides “now I am a sex worker” and goes and turns tricks, is she not an underage se worker? “Yes I am 18” and voila

  13. Well, she's legally a child, so a victim of child sexual exploitation. The phrase 'underage sex worker' is like child porn. It just obfuscates the problem.

  14. Some of us learned how to thunk real good in Florida public schools I wil have you now

  15. “I don’t need to resist, because I can always count on Y’all-Qaeda and their merry band of Talibangelicals to resist on my behalf.”

  16. Lmao! Next time the parrot crushes a Brazil nut I get to say, “hey babe! Come quick, Cookie’s busting a nut!” With my dirty mind, I can’t believe I never though of that phrase in reference to my 🦜. Hiding in plain sight I suppose.

  17. That would be multiple layers of thinking that I'm not sure a crow possesses. This would suggest that they have fairly well developed critical thinking abilities. Not saying your wrong cause idk. That would be amazing if it could think that far ahead tho.

  18. Hahaha absolutely. I just watched Waco I’d love to see trump in the scenario of no power entrapped in mar o lago.

  19. Now I know why Boris went to Kiev to nix that piece deal a year ago. If the war ended it would have ended a new pipeline of post brexit foreign labor. /s

  20. New York may think that herbicide is poisonous. This maybe a case of “fuck the other 49 states”

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