1. Crew socks! I thought that trend would be a one year thing. Nope!! Going strong! And there will be a PRIDE crew sock this year 🌈

  2. At around 190 classes, 10 months in. I’ve gained weight during this time. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been but PB alone just isn’t enough to counteract eating and drinking like I’m still in my 20’s. I also do a class at the Y 3x a week. Sometimes the same day as a PB class, sometimes not. Only since I’ve been tracking calories (for about a month) have I started to see weight changes. If you studio offers empower I would give that a try! PB gave me the strength and confidence to start trying other classes and physical activities I never would have done!

  3. Don’t feel pressured to buy any memberships or packages! Try a few classes before committing to anything. If you have a couple of studios near you keep in mind they are usually individually owned (some near me actually have sister studios) and your membership is only good at that studio. Check out schedules to see if they line up with your availability.

  4. As an instructor, i can say mistakes happen and we never try to ruin your experience on purpose. I would hope clients would give us more than one class to make a decision on actively avoiding us.

  5. After gaining insight into how little instructors are paid and all that is required to teach (and teach well), I think PB goers really ought to give teachers a little bit more grace. Yes, we are paying a $$$ fee to come to PB but we can’t PB without teachers. The majority of the concerns and issues that come up here really need to be addressed to the owner or manager. OP can speak to the manager or owner and hopefully they can have a private chat with the teacher and that ends up being that. Owners really set the tone for the studio, IMO.

  6. Is that really enough to avoid an instructor’s class if you are otherwise enjoying it?

  7. I skipped today to have a lazy morning but I plan to double tomorrow to get to 13. I want to finish next Saturday so that means going everyday and a double one of the days. I got this!!!

  8. SunKing in Carmel. Nice outdoor space if it’s warm out. Plenty of all ages space. Best time is probably early afternoon Saturday/Sunday before gets too busy. Variety of food options. Another top spot would be Guggman Haus near downtown Indy. Smaller food selection but always kids there and still outdoor space if nice.

  9. Yes and I hate it!! I know it’s good for business and sometimes a fuller class is fun to keep up the energy, but it also means less room and more germs. And on top of that, my studio just started banning doubling up on weekends. Especially annoying when the weekend is the perfect opportunity to take Empower right into Align. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Couldn’t tell ya!

  10. I would cancel my membership (okay probably not that’s dramatic 😂) but seriously question continuing at that studio if they implemented that rule. Hopefully only a short term thing for you!!

  11. I’ve never walked out of a class before but I was considering it for a reform a few weeks ago. We were stepping all over each other.

  12. It had never even crossed my mind… even on those tough days… but the class was also right after Empower so it was packed, warm and I just wasn’t having it. Unfortunately it was also this instructors first time teaching Align (learned afterward) and the volume was at an 11.

  13. Pure Barre partnered with territory foods. Supposedly they developed the menu to go with Pb. I haven’t tried it. Their menu focuses on lean protein like Bear said. I believe their products are also gluten free, which IMO isn’t necessary for everyone. Specific needs will vary by person. Also, you don’t need to buy territory foods at all lol

  14. Anyone out there tried Territory meals and have thoughts? It is ridiculously priced IMO.

  15. Was sick the entire month of February (one thing after another) and only made it to 2 classes, the 27th and 28th. Was so disappointing 😔 but using the challenge this month as a way to dive back into it headfirst and finally hit my 100th class!

  16. Should not have happened. I am not pure barre staff but wonder if there are xponential guidelines prohibiting this for safety concerns (no instructor monitoring you for injury) in addition to just the bad overall experience.

  17. Hard no. Were there any PB employees there at the same time? If so, what did they have to say about it?

  18. Anyone have the scoop on what actually happened here? Black Circle has indicated something else (food) going in there? Would they not be impacted by the same issues? Whatever happened to Elena Ruz?

  19. Any chance you know if corporate would allow clients to purchase their own platinum barre prize? Ours are pretty weak and we notice other local studios did sweatshirts, etc. Many of us would purchase our own but everyone is afraid of the manager and the owner adores the manager LOL.

  20. Pure Barre Indy JUST posted on their Instagram they have extra sweatshirts and are selling them for a heavily discounted price. Not sure if they would ship!

  21. Thanks for posting this! I had to double check I didn’t make this post and forget 😹 I was in SO much pain during this exercise. I’m also pretty tall so just getting under the barre and situated is not my fav. Will try the recommendations listed but also maybe hope we never do that one again haha!

  22. I really love sweaty betty leggings - particularly the super sculpt style. They discontinued them (🥹) but are still lingering on some websites. I think the YPB Abercrombie leggings are a similar fabric content.

  23. I feel like the launch of Align has really helped our clients who want to double up and hit their goals, but don’t want to overdo it! My studio is OBSESSED with Align. Waitlisted classes no matter when, so we’ve added lots of times to our schedule. I’d recommend doubling with Align or leaning into it when it might otherwise be a rest day to help reach your 15 classes!

  24. My studio does a 4pm Sunday Align that is a really nice way to end the weekend 💕 Align isn’t my favorite but I pair it as often as possible!

  25. HATE that. There's one instructor at the studio I go to who always starts like 4 minutes late cuz she's chatting with the barretender, and then makes up for it by rushing through stretching, but still goes over time.

  26. One of my favorite teachers always starts and ends late - she’s just so chatty! I always forget until I’m in class 😂😂

  27. 17, goal was to do 20-25 but just started doing Les Mills’ Body Pump at the Y and kind of love it!

  28. Both of my recent milestones were missed and it was due to the person working the front desk. Same person each time. She is unfortunately not very personable and it actually was a bummer after working so hard and knowing our studio’s IG page is so active. I said something the next class to the other front desk rep (who is a gem!) and she was so apologetic and made sure I got to sign the bar etc. I would say something - even if it has been a minute maybe they need a heads up to be more aware so it doesn’t happen to others!

  29. We had a Saturday party vibe at the studio with a finisher’s intensive, and everyone who finished got a fun gift box with socks + bala bangles.

  30. I heard someone use it in class for the first time the other day. It stuck with me haha! How fun.

  31. Not sure why people are downvoting your response. It’s the most logical answer!!

  32. I haven’t heard anyone suggest reform - I find that to be the most challenging format and sounds like it might be more what you are looking for.

  33. I didn’t do Platinum Barre this year but seeing the celebrations this year was more than half the motivation to sign up for 2022. Each finisher got bags with socks, sweatshirts and a couple of other small things. They got to sign the platinum barre, sign up for a finishers celebration and they had a fun platinum backdrop for pictures. The studio was also decorated (studio and lobby). The social media posts/reels they made were so fun!

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