Man Raises Parrots From Birth, They Are Extremely Imprinted to Him

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  1. He actually would wear the shirts of the women he had just fucked the night before which he is doing in this particular photo 😬

  2. I think someone's going for the cottage look without the cottage tbh. I get what they think they're doing but it just looks tacky this way. But, if that is what the customer ordered, they're happy and you got paid, bob's your uncle.

  3. This honestly needs to be released alongside each episode, these bloopers are ethe best and the laughter is so genuine.

  4. Now that's a cabin - personal and cozy. Your step dad's got skills and an eye for comfort!

  5. Honestly I wish there were a Boot Oracle that we could consult but the real (and kinda expensive) answer is experience. It could be the feet, it could be the boot, it could be the job, or option D, all the above. Try on boots at different stores and ask the people working there info about how to gauge a good fit for you. Some brands honestly wear out just that quick. There are also insoles like Dr.Scholls which can help compensate where the boot fails, I use em and replace every few months depending on use. Wearing beefy socks can also help reduce blistering. And last but not least, at least on money terms, there are outfits that can custom make boots for ya but they'll cost ya.

  6. To start find a painting company and apply with them. If they have room for an apprentice they'll show you how to paint, it is not very hard except for hefting ladders sometimes. Speed is recommended once you get the basics since the margin can be pretty small on paint jobs. Good luck!

  7. It works the other way around too Jeff! To us it's just our language, sounds normal. But when it's our first time hearing Americans speak English it sounds like kids talking. 😂

  8. I do not know books as I'm not in a position to own a borb right now, however I follow several experienced avian specialists on insta. If you like I can look up their handles for you and you can try their comment sections for info?

  9. "I know we are in a record drought, and we are in the middle of a barren desert, but we should waste millions of gallons of water to make this penis ejaculate."

  10. And in a weird parallel to almost making life, every swimming pool-amount of water 'ejaculated' will lower the lake further, revealing another cold-case body.

  11. Imagine being such an idiot that you believe something as simple as deodorant should be dragged into politics and forced into your idiotic political agenda

  12. I wholeheartedly agree with you but I've never before heard the gender thing called politics before? I must not be on the internet enough haha.

  13. Sorry for all your downvotes, it seemed like a genuine inquiry! After MeToo, the Epstein business, and now the repeal of Roe v Wade, concepts linked with gender and patriarchy affect and are interwoven within the political system.

  14. Thank you for providing some explanation and context. I guess comment section hive mind has a mind of it's own!

  15. Is this causing any bleeding? If not it may just be preening behavior. It is hard for us to tell you answers from the internet though, I would speak to an avian vet if you are worried, they would be able to tell you if there is something to look for, narrow down, etc. Hope your little one is alright!

  16. It literally causes physical withdrawal symptoms when used regularly, just as an opiate would ... your personal experience doesn't matter. We are talking about science

  17. I'm not playing this game with you. Type "Kratom withdrawal" in Google and you will find dozens and dozens of pages with information about it.

  18. How is asking for information playing a game? I did type it in, that's where my information comes from. You say "this is science", and then you say "there is little scientific research actually done". You say my experience doesn't matter, then you tell me to look at the posts of other people's experiences.

  19. Sean will be missed greatly. No one can take the absurd and make everyone cry laughing like that. And the way him and Jimmy bounce off of each other is priceless.

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