1. ‘Had I used my full strength not even this traveller would be able to stop me’

  2. And the next thing you'll tell me is that the sentence you said has the same meaning as the sentence mentioned in the post.

  3. In the context were he said this, which is rigth after having his attack blocked by the traveller, saying that in his full strength the traveller couldn't stop him easily means that he can break the travellers defense with his attack.

  4. But even if he does break Traveller's defence doesn't necessarily mean that he can defeat him. The traveller can easily dodge it,but that's not the case if the traveller is protecting somone. If Cyno breaches Traveller's defence,then it's checkmate for the one The Traveller is trying to protect,so ultimately they are not the same. Self defence ≠ Protecting Somone Else.

  5. So...what are we supposed to talk about? Should we argue over Rimuru's gender or should we compare him to Ains or Goku?

  6. Sheen....this is the 7th week in a row you've posted a meme about American health care.

  7. You can try using tags to find it, though it'll be quite laborious

  8. Everytime I see someone hating on Childe, I move on without arguing.

  9. I think COTE manga is less of a manga and more of a comic relief.

  10. So then why is the history deleted. Something to do with servers?

  11. Cyno might assassinate the traveller but I don't think he can beat him on a one on one fight. I don't know why people think he's so powerful to the point where he can defeat harbinger and Elite bosses. The only argument I've seen about him is either "He's not your normal vision holder" (even though he only has a vision and nothing else) and "He's a descendant of the powerful priest of King Deshret (I don't think just being related to a powerful person necessarily marke one so strong). I mean, if Al Haitham can hold him off for a while then he's not as big of a deal as people make him out to be. I get you like the character but just because you like it doesn't make the character absurdly strong.

  12. Cyno is absurdly strong for a human if you know his lore. Remember, he has a divine spirit that he can control. Judging by some quests and stories he's probably one of the most powerful humans in Teyvat. Might it be enough to defeat MC? Probably not, but enough to put up a difficult fight.

  13. Well tbf I think he's probably the strongest in Sumeru as of now, excluding the archon ofc.

  14. But sir, she's already locked away by Academia.

  15. I said the same thing and got downvoted. The duality of man and reddit.

  16. I'm positive that OP doesn't have a job as of now and neither is he in studies. Or he's having a holiday break.

  17. If only itto has a oni mask, would definitely pull all masked edition(full dps) characters

  18. Raiden, god of eternity, ult lasts for 7 seconds

  19. I don't see why you shouldn't do a PhD! By all means,go for it. I myself am planning to do one in the near future and my grades aren't that good as well.

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