1. I'll always remember the one on rotten tomatoes where the guy tried to act super sophisticated and professional when reviewing Godzilla vs Kong and saying there was no meaning to it as if every movie needs to have a deeper message and be on the same level as Hitchcock films.

  2. If I’m gonna be honest, GvK did suffer in the story side of things. As fun as it was

  3. Mostly fans who just shat on K:SI because Godzilla wasn't in it.

  4. Gojicenter is just shitty. Like, it used to be good. What the hell happened?

  5. Gojicenter for me is jarring. Because on one hand, they do put a lot of effort into the making of the videos they do like with the animations and infographics which is great! Their ACTUAL content matter on the other hand is... Well yeah. A lot of it I feel like is made, specifically to cause riots and flame wars within the comments section.

  6. Gojicenter used to be good, now it’s just clickbait garbage.

  7. Not gonna lie I actually somewhat agree. Not to mention I think a LOT of their content is made to stir up debates and wars among fanboys which usually causes the comment sections to be nothing but pure cancerous cringe.

  8. God that's such a beautiful gun. Its a shame Tac Toys are the only dealer that sells it and everyone knows they're controversial :(

  9. Again with the straw man. Never said he was invincible. It's already been established that they both started off amped in Boston and both got a second amp. Moot point.

  10. Ghidorah literally did wipe out the military escort when he bit into the power station and did that massive AOE attack so evidently you're definitely not wrong hahaha.

  11. ....this is the most alarmist nonsense. Y'all it's the MonsterVerse, not the Godzillaverse.

  12. I feel like you'd be happy if Godzilla got completely removed from the Monsterverse

  13. Man that's some Monkey D Luffy level of reach based on my statement

  14. Am I really wrong though? What with all the shit you give G fans for wanting a standalone movie for the Big G's 70th anniversary? Just saying I've seen a lot of cunts that say Kong is carrying the MV and that Legendary should remove Godzilla entirely (because G fans old and new "Don't deserve it") moving forward and they usually spout the same shit you do.

  15. You can say that again. Pretty much every live action Disney Classic remake does :/

  16. If the series didn't appeal to casual movie goers, Godzilla would not be the pop culture icon he has been for nearly 70 years.

  17. There are a ton of differences in the way our govt runs that prevent us becoming like the US and the monarchy arrangement is not one of them.

  18. The film itself properly shows off more of Godzilla's personality in full, the arrogance and anger that's commonly associated with the Toho version of the character and practically none of any attempts to make him seem heroic like 2014 and GvK. And the more you actually think about it, the more it doesn't contradict his actions in the last 2 movies at all nor does the film choose to make it seem like Godzilla's any different (aside from attacking the first Apex facility).

  19. The writers of this movie have killed this franchise. Stop blaming legitimate critics for pointing out fundamental flaws in a script.

  20. And yet "legitimate" critics give stellar reviews for movies that had bad scripts like the newer Star Wars trilogy. Riddle me that bud...

  21. It's good to know people give MBB credit where she deserves in that she's a good actress. I find a LOT of people hating her and a lot of it is very unwarranted

  22. Each society they mentioned was hella gay lmao

  23. There are many examples of how you're wrong deep within this thread lol

  24. Look, i know the humans are not supposed to be the main focus, but i really wish they would have kept the central cast from KotM. Chandler was pretty good, and even the "crew" was decent. I felt like Skarsgaard was pretty bad and it feels like the wrong decision to keep refreshing the cast, leaves less room for character development, which in turn leaves the movie crammed with early human stuff to build backgrounds for the characters.

  25. I agree. I don't like how they seem to be moving away from the KOTM characters especially the Monarch team that surveys Godzilla, they were completely omitted from GvK (save for Mark. And yes I'll say it, I love them. Much preferred them). Hell we didn't even know what Monarch was doing with Godzilla during that movie so I'm hoping we get to see Monarch doing things with the Big G.

  26. GvK was my least favorite too. But you have to admit it looked nice and the fights were well shot and coordinated.

  27. There's an argument to be made that the studio producers had gotten involved in the story production of GvK. If you look at the posts about the original plotlines for GvK and compare them with the official cut, there is a HUGE discrepancy between the two and I do not think Wingard is to blame. We've seen studio execs interfere with many, many, many productions in recent times that has affected the overall vision

  28. A new solo Gamera film to bring him into the verse.

  29. Gamera isn't owned by Toho or Legendary. Why don't people get this? lol

  30. Doesn't mean that Legendary couldn't get ahold of Gamera and also, the question asks if you had the chance. It's just a hypothetical question, chill out.

  31. I know, I know. I get annoyed when people think or allude that Gamera is owned by Toho is all haha. Believe it or not there are a number of people think that's actually the case

  32. Bruh, Kong: Skull Island is the highest grossing film of the Monsterverse.

  33. It was never just supposed to be just godzilla and plus he has had two godzilla solo movies. Kong also brings in money in the box office. Again MONSTERverse not GODZILLAverse

  34. True, I feel if they leave millie bobby browns character to the side, we might be able to get a better story arc. They center the story around her and her family way too much. And I don't like that. Have her go to college and be done with Godzilla. We need a story centered, I feel around the titans and monarch. Not around a family dealing with problems other families are dealing with in the movie.

  35. I wished Millie Bobby Brown's character was basically the Monsterverse Miki Saegusa, I honestly thought that would've been the direction for her. It's wasted potential for what could be an interesting character

  36. Because we're supposed to side with Godzilla for reasons.

  37. Michael Dougherty should come back for another G flick. I loved his work on KOTM.

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