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  1. There other Americans without high(ish) profile names that have actually been falsely imprisoned in Russia that our country does nothing or very little for. Griner knowingly broke a law in Russia...and that shit is on her. We should try and get her (and Canadian Paul Whelan) out of Russia, but by swapping her for a Russian arms dealer who's know as the "Merchant of Death" while other more-average Americans rot in Russian prisons for crimes they actually did not commit? Fuck no.

  2. For me personally, it's not being accused of murder for having a miscarriage.

  3. You know, I'm not really gonna get into what the amendment was supposed to change, because your side is completely full of lies that I don't have to listen to anymore.

  4. I had Republican family members reach out to me privately and tell me they voted no because they were disgusted with the story of the 10 year old girl who had to cross state lines to get an abortion. I am so sick and tired of religion having any place in our government.

  5. Are you talking about the Guatemalan illegal immigrant rapist? Horrible story...

  6. Unfortunately, this is probably the only time in life these boys will be hitting a uterus.

  7. Give this dog whatever it wants, I don't care if it's the moon...just get it.


  9. I absolutely do not think the vote is rigged or will be illegitimate. I just think that the arguments on one side are bullshit. Both in being unsound law and also they are straight up lying about what the current law is, and what the result of the amendment will be. It's bad law, bad policy, and bad medicine.

  10. You have every right to your opinion and I'm not going to have a pointless heated debate with you on who's right and who's wrong, but I will tell you that almost everything you just said was based on your emotions, as opposed to facts.

  11. It's the only way they can win. Even some of my most conservative mom friends are voting no because holy shit this is bad law.

  12. We're living in some dangerous times where the group who doesn't come out on top always thinks the results are illegitimate or something was rigged.

  13. I have nothing against Brittney Griner, but she's a fucking idiot who got herself into this mess and now the US is going to trade a fucking arms dealer for her (and maybe a future 2nd round draft pick) I just want the WNBA to lower the rims and let all these poor lezbos jam.

  14. Good luck to the ones who were bright enough to put one of those bumper stickers straight onto their paint.

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