1. Protein from healthy sources like non hormone and over medicated livestock, beans, peas. A serving of healthy greens daily that are not sprayed with pesticides rooted in soil full of glyphosate. Most people don’t eat enough protein though, that’s for sure, and most people eat way too many sugars and carbs.

  2. I think we just to massively reform the healthcare system, so much wasteful spending, overpriced medicine, procedures, and supplies. Shitty insurance companies raising the prices on everything because of corrupt bureaucrats adding as many middle men as they can to the equation to extract every dollar possible. More things need to be available at clinics. Like for example I’m paying $4500 for two emergency room visits in which I needed fluids and that’s it and specifically stated this is all I want. Saline solutions shouldn’t be so ridiculously overpriced and guarded behind the counter of institutions to rack up such an insane bill. Any 1st year medical student could learn how to insert a needle and apply a drip. I should be able to pay them $100 for that maybe $200, maybe 300 or 4 or 500 but fuck $4500 for 15 minutes of service and a bag of fluids. Same with mri and X-ray. Umm do you see my bone protruding from it’s normal axis joint, I think I need an x ray or mri, sorry sir can’t help you until you go pay that guy over there to obviously agree with you and sign off on the x ray.

  3. I don’t speak that language and if anyone knows how to take the data and research and translate it, that would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure there might be some good science here but can’t trust it based on videos and someone’s interpretation of the data.

  4. I would like to know the answer to this as well. I also found that all my kucoin trading transfers to kucoin futures were labeled as deposits and not transfers.

  5. We’ve been paid with digital dollars ever since direct deposits took over. Its just until now when republicans need something to politicize and stir up their uneducated base that it’s become “a thing” to distress over. My god people can be so ignorant!

  6. I don’t care if you are dem or rep, neither need to be in control of our money and have the capability to choose when and how you spend your money. Yes, we need to vote for people who support crypto, however cbdcs are not Crypto, they are it’s evil clone with one thing in mind, control. We have plenty of crypto options, if a politician was indeed in support then they can advocate for particular crypto projects instead of saying come bank with our cbdcs so we can continue to pillage the lower classes with printing, inflationary policies, and thievish taxation.

  7. This from Binance> Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) do not pose a threat to cryptocurrencies and would actually help build trust among sceptics by validating the underlying blockchain technology.Nov 3, 2022

  8. Selling crypto to the masses under the guise of being “well regulated and safe because the government will have control and they want to protect you”. Is just going to get increase adoption and bring way more money into their exchange. Every platform should be working towards anonymity. We have plenty of crypto to choose from, we do not need another bank or government to be making false promises while they continue to screw and clamp down restrictions on the poor. They literally are trying to create the federal reserve 2.0 with even more power and horse shit fractional reserve banking. Where they create money out of thin air and we pay the price when they “need” bail outs.

  9. Accountability is all we need. The elitist crimes that are not pursued is because of cowards in office not willing to prosecute and punish them due to fear of backlash. Not because we don’t have laws that grant authorities to jail them for their crimes. It’s just lack of accountability. Hold all criminals accountable. Regardless of their social status. I sell drugs and didn’t convey the risk of those drugs to my clients and some die...I go to jail. Pharma companies sell drugs and didn’t convey their risks and people die, no one goes to jail but they pay an insignificant amount of money and go back to business as usual. Some random poor person coerces an underage minor into sex and they go to jail. Maxwell and Epstein traffic dozens of underage children to the elite class and none of those clients are exposed, indicted, jailed. Different rules for different classes. Not because the laws don’t exist, because they are not enforced equally.

  10. Serious question. What percentage of listeners to breaking points, do you think listen to whoever you’re on about? I’ve never heard of this person, nor any of the absurd claims. I’m guessing less than 2% of the folks in this thread listen to him. I suspect quiet a few people here don’t listen to breaking points haha

  11. Also take notice of how he lumps anyone not on the far left with this crazy guy advocating for violence. Trying to associate innocent people with this crazy guy just to discredit them. Disingenuous shitty post.

  12. Five time felon JPmorgan at it again. Meanwhile Jamie dimon is being investigated for protecting Epstein and graciously looking after his funds and servicing his hush money payments to over a dozen victims of his underage trafficking. Funny how people get canceled for saying “bad thing” but others are not canceled when they commit and protect underage sex trafficking. How come Epstein client list being suppressed doesn’t garner more attention. Any random person claims trump slapped their ass and the press has a field day, yet when we have conclusive evidence many underage children were sex trafficked for the elite class by Epstein and maxwell who have direct ties to intelligence agencies, White House, universities...just crickets.

  13. Only positive.. now try really hard to think of the negatives and just how absolutely horrible they could make things. Yes, we want all people in need to get what they need, however just because i can give something up to help someone doesn’t mean it’s the right choice in the end. It is quite literally a hostage negotiation. This or these people will be saved and protected as long as you give this up right here and now. Relinquishing control over our money and medium of exchange is insane. Like allowing one company to own, manufacture, produce, distribute, our food supply. That would be nuts, and we are not too far from that reality either.

  14. How many people moved to Florida over the last 2-3 years???? Are you just oblivious to that and how it affects the economy, supply and demand. Don’t believe me, go research it, Florida has had so many Americans migrate to their state the last couple years, this is entirely normal and the free market working itself out. Not to mention the costs raising due to rampant inflation caused by the not so federal federal reserve and shitty politicians infinitely printing dollars and devaluing the money in our pockets. Read into things before just assuming and casting blame at first glance.

  15. For me, when I lost weight and changed eating habits for one plus month. It was just easy to say to myself, now I know how awful and crappy I felt every day when I was eating and drinking all that garbage. I don’t want to go back. It’s just like any other addiction in the world. I see someone who can’t stop eating useless non nutritious foods the same way I see an alcoholic, heroin addict, smoker. Addiction is addiction and once you break it, you get clean from it, you are level headed and decide not to take part anymore. If you have no self control then I guess you would avoid the temptation at all costs. Meaning maybe don’t go grocery shopping have only the healthy foods delivered or have someone else shop for you. Don’t bring the crap home and you can’t eat it when you get a craving to go to the cabinet. Don’t eat out, you will also save a ton of money. Don’t weigh yourself every day looking for progress. Count calories but make sure you get plenty of protein and healthy fats first to meet your necessary caloric intake then after consuming that, if you are still insatiable and just have to consume more find alternatives to your sugars, carbs.

  16. Also mitigating risk and compromising with yourself, one thing at a time. If it takes a 1-2 years to eliminate a lot of bad stuff at least you did it in 2 years instead of never. So this week I’ll still eat my potato chips, I’ll still drink soda, I’ll still eat my cookies and ice cream.....but I will absolutely not eat any fatty seed oils or fried food. When that becomes easy, try eliminating soda or maybe no pasta or bread, or no pastries. Always start with fulfilling proteins and healthy sources of fat and all your amino acids....not sugar, not carbs. Then you will begin to have more stamina, feel less crappy, have more energy. Then you won’t be so inclined to succumb to the addiction.

  17. Then when they tried drafting the legislation it would have plainly said “when the mother’s LIFE is at risk” but that was too difficult. The vast majority of Americans are in favor of safe legal and rare circumstances but radicals had to push so hard for ZERO accountability and restrictions. They pushed so hard the pendulum swung the other way. This wouldn’t have happened if they were not trying to legalize abortion at any time for any reason. Most of us agree safety of the mother is important, in cases of rape and incest, etc. Legislation needs to be clearly defined because corruption and bad faith assholes will take advantage of it. It’s like the shitty argument I hear from Canadians, “no doctor would perform an abortion for no reason, so we don’t need any laws”. Doctors all the fucking time make mistakes which is why malpractice deaths are so high, they mis and over prescribe, they sell drugs based on their pharma reps opinions or dealings. Doctors are just people and people will do ANYTHING for money, power, beliefs.

  18. You are literally saying the same as what I’ve heard from other Canadians. “no one will do that but it’s absolutely legal if they want to”. I would love to live in a world where people don’t do “this or that because it’s immoral and it just doesn’t happen, so no need to punish anyone for doing said culturally agreed upon bad thing”. Please I’ve been looking for an hour to find the legislation on what determines the availability of getting one after 24 weeks and how much the federal funding is? I find it hard to believe that a business can’t profit more that what the government offers them to not profit? Trying to understand this in the simplest of ways.

  19. We've spent less than 10% of our yearly defense budget to proxy fight and weaken one of our biggest threats in the world, setting them back decades, and stopping them from rampaging through the rest of Europe before setting their sights on us directly, both of which we be far more costly. Sure, we're paying in dollars, but the Ukrainians are paying with their lives to help defend our freedom.

  20. Does anyone have other angles on video? This looks like him and his security were worried of a threat. Trained security doesn’t surround someone because someone “heckled” them. As funny as this reaction would be to some heckler, it seems like a disingenuous post or you can’t clearly evaluate what you are seeing.

  21. “Sorry folks we can’t help Ukraine because for the last 20 years, the not federal federal reserve and crappy politicians have squandered your tax dollars and inflated your money supply at such an unsustainable rate that we simply don’t have extra money to help and we need to worry about the future and security of Americans first” Current administration: screw your food, rent, gas, insurance, etc we want to fight another war, and we’re also going to bail out rich elitists who made shitty investments but no we can’t help the poor class. Turn the printer back on.

  22. I know 15 year olds that look 25 and 25 year olds that look 15. So it’s a blurry line to know someone’s age just by looking at them. This is why businesses require identification for adult things. I think they are both being dramatic as hell and can’t see some truth in either side. We know the younger generations are being influenced by social media and engineering. We know the suicide rates are off the charts. We know it affects young woman more and often they cite reasons like attention, validation, likes, followers, admiration. Physical attraction is also a natural biological function of human beings. Can’t deny it exists or has any role in our society. But this rage bait definitely keeps people fighting about nothing.

  23. So please remember this when you vote. Don’t vote for authoritarians. Glad someone is getting ahead of these elitists.

  24. If you stop voting for a duopoly maybe. People too busy voting in the status quo establishment puppets time and time again. When you have any real chance of upsetting the duopoly you get thrown under the bus in many ways. Look at what the dnc did to Bernie. Or what happened to ron Paul. Can’t have people thinking they have any say in the future, all they want is everyone blaming the other side of they same shitty coin.

  25. Massive voter turnout with mail in voting and ballot harvesting.... we have enough uneducated voters as it is. If you don’t know their actual policies, you shouldn’t be voting. They spin propaganda and get people to vote in opposition to out of context quotes and disingenuous clickbait.

  26. Sounds similar to lots of deals that happen with lots of types of people and politicians. Plus all the corporations all around the world lobbying, super PACS, or special interest groups. Someone gave money to someone in exchange for something, then they gave them more money in exchange for privacy. This is not a new thing. Meanwhile Epstein maxwell pay HUSH money to 20+ underage children for sex trafficking, in exchange for silence. No one gives a fuck about that level of corruption or cover up but omfg trump slept with someone and paid them not to talk about it.. He used campaign finances, big deal. Our politicians use our money to bomb children in Yemen or Afghanistan and no one seems to care. Priorities are so fucked in this country.

  27. What I don’t get is women even looking for strictly! sexual relationships and not anything serious at all still seem to gravitate towards looks, money, status rather than looks, kindness, honesty, safety. What I observe from men is they gravitate towards looks, willingness, admiration, not money.

  28. It almost looks too good, like no wear on the carvings. How old is this according to estimates?

  29. The climate changes, we change it, the same way an asteroid or china’s policies change it, the same way a volcano, pole shift, nukes, solar storms, wildfires, burn pits, mono crop agriculture, mining for precious metals to build entertainment systems, destruction and disruption of natural ecosystems that recycle carbon change the climate. Don’t focus on on any thing but cows burping, people driving places and breathing. Don’t mind my private jet or what this tycoon does, don’t worry about nuclear war or unsustainable agriculture practices, don’t worry about anything but your car, your breathe, and what you eat: This is for your own good, we are just trying to protect you. You will own nothing and you will be 😊

  30. This comment demonstrates such a lack of critical thinking I've decided to stop engaging. If you don't think that social acceptance helps LGBT kids, then you've been brainwashed. Scientists disagree with you because they actually use a sound methodology, evidence, studies, etc. You should go back to elementary school and learn how the scientific method and empiricism works before trying to talk to adults like you are one.

  31. Which of these studies includes, and compares regions from around the world, races, cultures, social media influence and use, history like mental or physical trauma, abuse, neglect, body dysmorphic disorders, hormones, hormone and endocrine disrupters, social pressures and rates amongst friends, families, peers? Social media use, and being bombarded with suggestive language and ideologies? Show me that science, I have read maybe only 3 or 4 studies on the suicide risk ridiculous correlation and they are always leaving out so many factors. Including did you ask the person who committed suicide why they committed suicide, nope. did they have other options, why do they feel this way now and didn’t 10 years ago. Why is the blame only put on one single issue????????, why can children not consent to taking drugs, drinking, tattoos, boob and blowjobs, military, voting. Please post your data, not some sheep correspondent talking about it or giving a small citation of a quote from one scientist. Show the data. The suicide data is all crap just the same as the suicide data on those that transition and still commit suicide, doesn’t mean they committed suicide because they regret they transitioned. Just one factor in their choice to commit suicide...ignore all other factors. Children can consent to permanently mutilating their genitalia, sterilize themselves, rob them of puberty, orgasms, receive disruptive hormone therapy that alters their development. Alters not changes their dna and chromosomes to turn them into an opposite sex. Honestly when science can do this is maybe in a 1000 years or some shit I wouldn’t care if it was 100% reversible but it’s not. Honestly, zero effect to a boy if they take this magic pill and tomorrow they are fully actually a real biological female, i wouldn’t care the slightest as long as it was 100% reversible and they could transition back the next day. This isn’t possible because the fucking science isn’t there yet. We can’t change dna, biology with a scalpel and pills.

  32. You're funny for thinking I'm going to read all this from someone who doesn't know basic science.

  33. How about a study on people who have transitioned 5 + years ago. A good study with say 5,000 participants... there is like 8 billion of us on this earth. Surely we would have some good research into this “phenomena” and how these people feel, live, act, 5 years+ after hormone therapy, genitalia surgeries, amputations, history of trauma or abuse, drugs, environment, etc. I would love to see the data you present. Studies that don’t have bias and objectively address as many potential factors as possibly before drawing distinct conclusions.

  34. The same reason religions tell you a boy is girl if they so choose to be, or this person can say something racist but that person can’t. Most religions are whack, cults be cults.

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