This kid enacting Bruce Lee

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  1. How is this case going so far? I hope this is resolved for you soon. That is so crazy a client could make something up and the board just automatically does this. I’m an LMT too and I am in fear everyday I work.

  2. Got a message from board saying I need to submit a cause why the board shouldn’t suspend my license !!! Not sure what that means. Lawyer’s work I guess.

  3. What is the police conclusion on the matter and was the investigation and the case closed

  4. From what initial BF%? I have done PSMF in the past, worked fine, didn't gain anything back until I started bulking.

  5. Then he needs a different attorney. We're not attorneys.

  6. From your post 21 days ago it seems you have at most another 159 days to go being suspended.

  7. Does the letter imply that after the mentioned period his license suspension will be revoked ?

  8. it is hereby ORDERED that the immediate temporary suspension of the license to practice massage therapy in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania of Respondent, my name, L.M.T., shall remain in effect unless otherwise ordered by the Board but in no event longer than 180 days, pursuant to the Massage Therapy Law, Act of October 9, 2008, P.L. 1438, No. 118, as amended, 63 P.S. § 627.1 et seq., 63 P.S. § 627.9(d). The prothonotary shall mark this matter as closed.

  9. Does that mean they will come to a decision after 180 days or will it be revoked after that period ?

  10. I think that was one of the moments. He slowly realizes he has to go about being Batman differently throughout the second half of the film. Other examples would be when he learns about Selina’s past, or when he gets a moment to bond with Alfred after almost losing him. But it becomes very clear to him once he realizes the similarities between him and Riddler.

  11. And when he says “ i am sorry “ to selina after she told him about falcone killing her mom

  12. Lol. Had my 30th bd last week and didn’t even buy myself a cake or leave the house. My parents rang to say happy bd though. No one else remembered of course

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