1. Happened to me and I felt like a huge jerk thinking it (never said anything out loud). I almost puked numerous times. Even my hubs who is not smell sensitive was having a hard time. It’s so awkward and I feel for everyone who has to deal/manage this issue but when you come into class smelling 100x worse than anyone leaving…… hygienic issue.

  2. This is interesting! Do you have any links, or recommendations for what to Google to learn more about this? My goal is pretty much always to go as hard as I can, but that looks extremely different the days leading up to my period. And during my period I can't even accomplish half of what I usually would. 😕


  4. I push myself a little more on the base to quickly get into orange. Managed 12 splats so I can’t complain ❤️.

  5. Lulu lemon and Athleta have high impact bras I recommend them, I wear the long line ones as a top too.

  6. I’m on a fitness roller coaster. Started pretty unfit, got to my personal best, life happened and now somewhere in between.

  7. Tread was ok but challenging. A tad repetitive but I have been workout inconsistent 😂

  8. I went to the location on the Upper East Side as a guest and when I say I was BLOWN AWAY by the kindness!

  9. I got COVID last year and was out for weeks, injured and was out for a month recently, and with trip vacations even more recently.

  10. Please don’t judge me but both of mine have been drinking and forgetting to cancel then being super hungover 💀

  11. Ok I thought today 2G was tough lol. I have been out of commission for two weeks but even post Covid break it wasn’t as bad 😭

  12. I’ve seen it on the rowers but they’re not numbered at our studio so it’s their fault 😂 kidding

  13. Rough class but maybe because it was due to end of week and someone smelling terribly 😭

  14. it was so strong I was worried it was me but no, it was not. Feel so bad but it was nauseating.

  15. I think most of us had this over COVID at some point. It’s hard but agree: go to a great coach if you know or they’re still there, book and don’t let yourself cancel, book again when you leave cause you’ll feel motivated and exhausted in a good way lol

  16. I was told from my PT how wrong I was doing it. If you are engaging your core properly and keeping your hips aligned, you shouldn’t be able to lift your leg very high.

  17. I used to, but would get sick and often tired. I now eat something very small like a rice cake or fruit 30-60 min before.

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