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  1. So I'm a total newbie when it comes to live rosin and other concentrates, but my local place is having a concentrate sale. I've only done edibles, flower, and vape carts. How do you smoke this? Is there a vape pen type of device for this? Is it stronger than vape pens and flower?

  2. Hey there fellow patient 😉 the closest thing I can give you to advice on this is probably get any kind of concentrate you strike an interest in ( mind you this will make or break the flavor for your cart ) , then u wanna heat the concentrate low n slow ( there's tons of videos) and suck up the now liquidated concentrate into a syringe and from there it's pretty self explanatory you just fill up the cart and let it sit... let me know for any questions I'll try to help to the best of my ability

  3. OOooh... so you put the concentrate into the vape carts? That's incredible. I'm going to look up videos on how to do this. Thank you!

  4. Enter campus from thr main entrance on university/alafaya. Turn right, drive about 1 minute and it is on your left. Just past the college of education/teaching academy.

  5. You gotta get really stoned first, then get some comfy pajamas on. After that make yourself some nachos, get a glass of ice water and a joint and settle into the couch. First, smoke the joint. Then eat the nachos followed by THE ENTIRE GLASS OF WATER. Lastly, enjoy your perfect Lego video game situation.

  6. I don't have flower but I have vape pens. Getting my nachos and water now.

  7. Did you find a copy? I have a copy in hardback.

  8. The House in the Cerulean Sea is my favorite book of all time. But... there is romance in it.

  9. I’m sorry if you think i’m talking about something else, but i’m talking about ‘The Song Of Achilles’ by Madeline Miller. Tho obviously it’s the same as the Iliad, just told differently. No need to get upset ❤️

  10. They're just taking the piss out of you for giving a spoiler warning for a pretty well known story. Like saying "spoiler alert" before telling people the end of Titanic.

  11. Pretty good for Greg's first tattoo. He is going places.

  12. Thank you!! My kids fucking love it. Can you recommend another pizza place so I can make them branch out to better pizza?

  13. We don’t need more public storage and drive thru car washes

  14. And dentist offices. (Looking at you, Lake Nona!)

  15. It was manned while you were there. And it was probably unmanned while you weren't.

  16. Are you assuming this being biological specie? It could have been a cat for all we know.

  17. I assume nothing of the unknown. That's why it scares the fuck out of me.

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