1. Omegalul. I'm dead. This almost beats the time I requested booksmarts draw vaush as jaba the hut and destiny as princess Leia during a draw stream.

  2. Epic, I watched a stream where book took requests but I can't remember much of it. I didn't see he had too many drawing streams either, seemed like he had fun doing those though. I clicked on Max's stream today and came in at this part I thought he was joking lol.

  3. So true. I can't even fathom how he has time for half that shit. I work then i just want to relax and not worry about shit. He kinda has a diff work experience than most bc half his work is his just doing what he wants so maybe that helps a little. Now truly how he handles being with Melina and still having time to find other girls. I know i have picked the wrong women in my past and had messy issues. So i get that but to the extent he does it is truly astonishing maybe its bc he has more opportunities bc of his wealth and statis. But also we know even before then he had messy relationship with his first wife and others. So i guess with that knowledge its clear he either likes it or just keeps getting attracted to that type. Melina seems pretty stable overall aside from the open relationship stuff so she seems more an outlier. Oh i knew about the whole im an employee shit but didn't know that was what got him banned. That whole idea was cringe af and i never thought it had any merit. Lav also implied Destiny was like giving her a performance review when i took it as him just telling her hey this was good and works well like you would to any friend or associate. Bc i remember she wanted to get better and getting advice and critique makes sense but doesn't equate to a job. Unless she has specific messages with Destiny saying if you dont get better im gonna have to let you go from my stream. Then it could he considered a job lol. They just both got all into their feelings at the end of the day. I feel like im a schizo now bc i keep responding back with these long ass posts about people i shouldn't give yo fucks about bc they have no bearing on my life. But its also fun to an extent bc im seeing it from the outside and watched all the drama shit for entertainment and eacape from my own life problems lol. One thing regardless whatever ever i thought avout lav and her opinions or performance when she was on stream it did bring the content one way or the other. Now she just gotta stick to steaming her vagina.

  4. Nah, not schizo lol one of the more interesting aspects of destiny's community is the various guests that come on but moreso the discussion that ensues with the viewers. It's very interesting and something that makes it that way is the trackable history of someone who has been a content creator for so long. Destiny has his whole life on stream for the last 12 years so it's easy to become invested in what's going on. It might be different if the others involved weren't doing the exact same thing. But you've got lav and mrgirl writing manifestos, doing full streams on it and heading an investigation. It's all intriguing and I'm here for it. Melina is one of a kind and Steven has said as much even recently when he did the irl stream with aba.

  5. I never saw the irl stream he did with aba. I just wonder how much validity there was with the supposed secret lav said destiny told her about destiny going to leave melina for some other girl. If destiny did that that would be another thing i would disagree with him on but do not know how that would have ruined his career or anything. Yeh its like a soap opera but played out online with real people so it is easy to get sucked in. Now I'm getting sucked into XqC stuff going on but i couldn't understand one thing he said. So ill have to look into what happened with him the new girl nikki and adept. Lol.

  6. Yeah I was just watching a clip today about xqc and nyyxxii I completely missed all that with what's going on in Tiny's world lol. I don't know how much I can trust anything lav says and that is her fault with all of her slipping and sliding around on statements. It would've been a huge secret if he was going to leave Mel for somebody else. But now I just can't take anything she says seriously and that's sad.

  7. Ight I can got the Benny one and Jessika. Was the other guy before or after Darius came on?

  8. I'm always pleasantly surprised when people provide timestamps for my lazy ass. Thank you

  9. Imgur is not uploading the rest of this beginning so the rest is up on YouTube. He admits to his timeline which is interesting.

  10. damn, stream got copyright struck.

  11. True, I'm just saying I'd like to see Kyla make the nominations.

  12. I think Destiny just shared an important piece of info with Rele.

  13. Max is hoping and banking on people "dogpiling" Rele. He wants to continue this narrative about destiny and his fanbase. I know Steven says it's not, but I still think this started because of 4thot and the reddit ban.

  14. Did anyone watch the call in show where Steven accidentally sent Kyla a msg he was sending lav? Kyla's face. I wonder so much now, what that msg was. I still think he wants to get the pleasure of turning lav against max to drive him crazy, definitely not his primary reason which is coom. But I think it's a pleasant afterbirth.

  15. Dan, if you can see this. We need more prayers in the homeland. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. Yea, but let’s be honest here, burning the mrgirl bridge to stay in destiny’s good graces obv works in her favor. She’s not making some big sacrifice, I wouldn’t be too surprised.

  17. I agree it works in her favor for sure. I've never watched her streams, does she inject max in there a lot? If she does then she'd only take an optical hit from viewers which, with her record, she can infinitely pivot away from.

  18. I remember earlier on that she hated mrgirl because she was banned from his sub for something really asinine and the both of them then did a complete 180 on their relationship, I really don’t think optics matters to her.

  19. I've always been confused about this, because the first time I first saw lav was what seemed like a debate with her and Brittany Simon. When mrgirl would interact with lav it looked super hostile to me. I wondered why he was telling her to shut up so much. Then it seemed to flip hard around the reddit drama. They were like best friends around that time it always seemed that I missed something in between.

  20. Vaush said that early on when they were relatively the same size Hasan was set up to do a debate with someone (not Vaush but I can't remember who) and that Vaush threw his own name out there as a replacement when it seemed Hasan might back out. Vaush thinks this is the reason Hasan started to dislike him or think of him as a competing threat. I can't remember which stream he said this on, I think it was after Hasan's stream with Christian Walker. But he did say he thinks this is where Hasan started to ignore his existence.

  21. I'm downvoting because that was physically painful to sit through.

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