1. I actually got my starter done at Sigmatec last year lol. 2009 Honda Civic and it hasn't failed yet, even during the crazy blizzard last month

  2. Right now it's $52 so less than one month's fixed fee. But it has to be scheduled in advance since they don't come out right away and you don't want to get left in the cold.

  3. When I was setting mine up, turning off the power to the base caused the robot to drive away and attempt to dock. I think it does that when there's a disconnect while it's charging, to reseat itself in case that's the problem. Maybe try cleaning the contacts on the bottom, the ones on the dock are pretty tiny after all.

  4. That sucks because I know how difficult it is to wrangle a good map out of these sometimes. Best bet is to delete the map unfortunately.

  5. I had this exact issue but changing from "brief" to "full" did work for me on my device. Good luck I hope it decides to stop giving you the silent treatment soon.

  6. I went to the Van Gogh exhibit and, like many, didn't think it was worth it. It was absolutely beautiful, but I think it should have been a $20 add on to something like going to the Columbus Museum of Arts (since it's essentially a movie).

  7. On the bright side, the Columbus Museum of Art ran a wonderful Van Gogh exhibit around that same time last year. Maybe they will do the same with the impressionists!

  8. Not if it means going Epic exclusive. Steam has Proton built-in to allow most Windows games to work well on Linux. While it is possible go get Epic Game Store stuff working on Linux, it's nowhere near as easy, and Epic are absolutely awful to Linux; Rocket League worked great on Linux via Steam, then Epic bought Psyonix and pulled Rocket League from Steam, and they dropped support for Mac and Linux.

  9. Well you're in luck because it's about to end on the 16th.

  10. This is useful! I wasn't really asking about crime though, mostly traffic and noise. But I'm totally going to use this map in the future.

  11. I don't live there, so I can't give advice on what it's like. But if you end up getting the apartment, check out Tabletop Game Cafe! It's one of my favorite places in Columbus and is in that strip just south of the Post Office.

  12. This is great, it looks like one of those architectural mockups with all the ghostly people, except there's really people there!

  13. They read the slanderous Lantern article and are shaken to their robot core.

  14. Ceilo cafe is closed unfortunately, they were temporarily shut for covid and it's now permanent

  15. Wait really? I went there a few times last semester, is this a recent closure? If so, that’s a shame, I loved that place

  16. Funny that this old ad used the mirror version of that image, original is here

  17. The blue bag strips I've been getting lately are more like patties not strips. changed

  18. I thought I was going crazy but the chicken strips from Aldi and Kroger have both changed from being strip-shaped to mostly flat and thin! Kind of a shame

  19. It was fine. My chicken was super hard and dry but I could tell they were new and business was super slow. I'd go back one more time when they're moving product during the semester and not letting it sit!

  20. What is this regarding? Sorry I’m not super deep into a history and couldn’t think of what this is about

  21. Make sure you get the Transit app! It is the COTA endorsed app that gives real time location tracking of every bus (not just their arrival times).

  22. Your work is great, I've been following your Instagram page for a long time now and it's always a pleasure when one of your posts comes up

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