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  1. as someone who has do not dive head first into capital after the manifesto you will die, do a lot of easier reading beforehand

  2. Reading through the comments I see this community is still struggling with political issues, which is really weird for a video game. Every time this comes up with CoQ I wonder; is this a case of right-wing gamers starting shit and harassing and forcing the devs to respond, or is it left-wing gamers and devs bringing politics into the game community and causing grief?

  3. I really don't see how the game itself is overtly left wing so probably not the second

  4. cosmicskeptic also said in his post that this change is a change in philosophical position too, to frame it as just one or the other is reductionist

  5. This, there’s a difference in tone. The difference between “Hey the Soviet Union fucked up but at least they tried,” vs “reds killed one trillion people”.

  6. Using history to better understand material conditions and how they influence political movements? Revisionist nonsense

  7. I’ll bet you’re easier to get than a PS5…

  8. the 98 anime does the death of Legato the best in my opinion and that version is my favorite part of the story, The manga has some great things to but I won't spoil those.

  9. honestly it's getting harder for him to beat the anti-christ allegations

  10. So, I've been saying this anywhere and everywhere that I can, but the author of the original comic book, Yasuhiro Nightow, was involved in the production (he's said in interviews that he's helped with the writing, but I haven't found anything explicitly describing his role).

  11. honestly, I don't know if a manga author is the best person to ask about how an anime should be made.

  12. watching tv series is not mandatory, feel free to eegh not watch it if you don't like it

  13. that's interesting because one of my first big reactions was how different the aesthetic of the environment was. Cars for example feel a lot more cybertruck mad-max and less western

  14. This is my first exposure to trigun because i adored the animation style but I can’t help but feel like its rushed? Is the pacing similar to the original or did the speed things up to get through the beginning of the remake?

  15. This pacing is a heart attack compared to the 98' anime. The OG anime took time to let you see Vash live in the world but this one just rushes from one point to the next and I find the characterization lacking.

  16. Knives in the manga is amazing in the anime Legato really shines

  17. Definitely agree with 3 out of these 4 points with the exception that the original anime was 95% desert well and most of the towns looked similar. I do hope they have more unique looking towns and cities though.

  18. I actually liked the dilapidated look of the 98' anime, the world constantly seems on the brink of collapse

  19. This. 90's anime was Cringe cuz of the "monster of the week" type of shit, w/ last few episodes being the actual progression of the canon stuff from mango or w/e source material, and then it basically ends.

  20. Wish I could enjoy it but so far it’s been really disappointing. Too each their own though and I’m at least glad some people will enjoy it

  21. Yeah, I'm just not able to really enjoy what Stampede has done so far apart from the more manga-accurate Knives. Maybe I shouldn't have watched the OG anime and read the manga when I heard they were making Stampede but the 98' version is still superior in everything it tried to do.

  22. A bigot can write a good piece on storytelling? nonsense

  23. really resonated with *I try and the shift to the convo in the burger joint felt really cool especially the way it went to the next song and the headphone joke (I though something was wrong with mine for a sec)

  24. People like Tate say they are pushing resilience, but they aren’t. They are pushing fragility.

  25. can I just say I'm glad you called it pseudo-Nietzschean is really cool, the types that talk about Nietzsche without any nuance or understanding annoy me to no end.

  26. I’ll disclose that I don’t really love Nietzsche for a lot of the same reasons, but yeah, at least he was like … interesting and intelligent, lol, and there is value in his work compared to this caveman stuff. Ultimately the position I’m coming from above is very rooted in “slave morality” as far as I understand him. One may be able to reach similar conclusions via a different path. My thinking is just inescapably rooted in Christianity, tbh.

  27. solution: simply claim you have arrived at these ideas out of aristocratic morality because true strength requires compassion and collaboration to actualize yourself to the fullest extent.

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