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  1. Aww, who is Lauren Boebert gonna speak in word salads to?

  2. I trained a SBF stable diffusion model using dreambooth.

  3. Too productive. You sit down and obsessively flip between four social media apps furiously seeking out dopamine like the rest of us.

  4. Still ongoing. It’s weird how many vapid fluff pieces I’ve seen reporting on the fallout spending 1,000 words talking more about effective altruism than the fact that he likely stole billions of dollars and committed innumerable other crimes.

  5. It’s crazy, but not that surprising, how many crypto people came out of the online poker boom of the early aughts.

  6. Very knowledgeable GBTC person, please raise your hand...

  7. So it's highly possible that they in fact own very little real BTC and a bank run would just ruin the GBTC investors but have little impact on BTC price?

  8. Ah, I see you to understand the web3 economy.

  9. Truth, even the ones that claim to be tech focused almost universally have no mechanism that accrues value to the tokens from increased usage of the protocol/product.

  10. I live in Southern California, we would find it in the orange groves behind our house.

  11. Why are they blocking out Miami and Wade like fans can't tell it's a Dwyane Wade Miami Heat jersey?

  12. Sometimes people do that kind of thing on purpose because it’s eye catching to make it more viral and drive engagement.

  13. Most likely because they were gambling on leveraged futures on Binance & FTX with customer funds.

  14. Withdrawals are already pending, no word from Kris

  15. Damn, must be some serious upgrades! Excited to see what they come up with. Has to be amazing.

  16. It's hard to shock me with crypto stuff, but my jaw literally dropped reading that

  17. No clearly it was their employees faults for not warning Genius Sam it was a bad idea

  18. I love how two thirds of it is a discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of founder-led companies. Like WTF DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING??

  19. Basically it was the Tether fraud but smaller scale with BTC. FTX printed fake BTC on the Solana network, that was supposed to be backed and redeemable for actual BTC held by them. It was not actually backed by anything.

  20. Shouldn't its price be 0 then?

  21. I’m honestly starting to wonder if it’s intentional to try to offload the ridiculous amount of debt taken on in the leveraged buyout

  22. This is less a 'community' and more a 'bunch of cynics being skeptical and sarcastic towards magic internet beans'.

  23. It got much worse yesterday. In the market crash, I saw so much misinfo flying around coming from blue checks impersonating trusted news accounts within the space as a joke.

  24. Well it's either Stockholm Syndrome or admit you're a complete schmuck...

  25. What it looks like: Took customers money, gambled it, lost it. Took massive loans on illiquid FTT collateral to do similar, lost that. People found out, run happened, went tits up.

  26. I’ll pledge one Reddit gold award to help in his quest to secure funding to repay his customers

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