1. I loved it and the build up to the accidental confession where everyone was scheming something was hilarious and I nearly lost my sides laughing.

  2. It's not like saying yes to Ruka would make things easy mode either. He would have to deal with her overly attached attitude 24/7 that it would be better if he just stayed single.

  3. I'd argue it's pretty hard to tell. Yes, ruka seems overly attached, but a large portion of that clinginess is arguably intentional as part of her way of "beating out" chizuru in his heart. That doesn't automatically confer that she would just act "normal" if he were to commit to her-- we have no way of knowing how Ruka would act once actually in a committed relationship and probably never will. That said, claiming rukas actions in the current situation are automatically reflective of how she'd act once officially outside of the love triangle is pretty unfair.

  4. Even then, he doesn’t owe her a chance just because she is persistent and plays the health card. We like saying that men aren’t owed a chance just because they simp hard. The same should be applied the other way.

  5. This anime is trash... I can't wait to return to monke and watch season 2.

  6. Honestly, Chuunibyou is such a gem and one I'd call old but gold that it's so hard to find a rom com with a similar quality in character writing and humor.

  7. The show suddenly becomes Happy Sugar Life because Shikimori becomes yandere.

  8. After winning a duel with a gay martial arts master, guy f***s his little sister.

  9. I hate these types of quests. They don't even have conversation that would justify why you have to walk with them nor do they have scripted fights in between. I was annoyed when you first arrive in

  10. What if she's like that girl in The Day I Became A God in which

  11. I can relate to Shania to some extent. Her talent is art but in the context of the world being at war and people dying left and right, it's understandable why she might feel like it's a useless talent and that she doesn't have a proper place in the world. Her mom being an ass towards her for not being skilled in fighting and expecting her to be someone she's not isn't helping either. I had a similar situation where my talent was more in music and I was more passionate about it than the computer science degree I got in college but I just felt useless in my country's context and had to settle with what was practical.

  12. I recruited Petra, Bernie, Caspar, Dorothea, Ferdinand, Hilda, and Lysithea when I did Blue Lions since I didn't want to have to kill them. Though on the other hand, I don't think the game properly handles the writing on characters that betray their own country (except for Black Eagle folks because

  13. That sort of looks like Banished From The Hero's Party but the girl's hair is actually blonde.

  14. If Aionios is really overheating in chunks in the form of Annihilation Effect as a result of being "interlinked" for too long, I wish this was a motive of the Moebius to want to stop time and avoid complete annihilation if the realms merge for real.

  15. If Phoenix was killed off I think the internet would lose it

  16. Nah he's way too strong to die just like that. We need a massive fake out where they thought Phoenix was dead and long gone then he just casually walks into the courtroom, shocking everyone, and he's like "uhh hey what's happenin'?" then the entire case gets turned on its head.

  17. No. Only moebius and the queens knew that. They just wanted the world to be normal for everyone

  18. In that case, you'd think the Moebius or a City detractor would drop this truth bomb. I just find it weird that the implications are massive yet nobody questions it and the Lost Numbers are really just fighting while blindly walking to their doom.

  19. I think it's perfectly implemented how the game just resets you back to before you fight the final boss instead of continuing to after you beat the final boss. Those who want to keep their adventures going for the next hundred or so hours could just stay in the endless now. And perhaps the truly moving on part is once you beat the final boss and just put the game down for good.

  20. I can't be the only one who liked the anime. It also had a kickass OP and awesome ED. It makes me annoyed with people who merely reduce this anime to yuri incest rape. Like come on man this isn't freaking Kannazuki No Miko.

  21. "How many words can you fit in a bubble" the manga

  22. I'm a bit concerned with how she's still working in the same convenience store for 10 years at least.

  23. This is how I felt about a lot of this. See, for me, that part about fear and reluctance to change is a plot thread from 2, about the hubris and the state of humanity. Lots of the "hope" and "despair" discussion is something 2 arguably did much (much) better as it wasn't nearly as ham-fisted and in every piece of dialogue. Why did they need to re-tread this plot line, I thought 2 set up the "hope" and "despair" thing excellently, the game didn't need to re-use that. Though, perhaps, they re-used it to make a point that it's a force "of" humanity to overcome?

  24. The reluctance to change part wasn't even established properly. I feel like this should have been more of, doomsday type of fear that when the worlds merge, annihilation effect (which was never fully explained) will happen and wipe out both realms so the real final villain is someone who's just trying to prevent mutual destruction. Instead we get villains that are just out to kill for shits and giggles which is extremely detached from what they're fighting for. The endless now was properly established with N because he didn't want to be separated from Mio and want them to last together forever but that is not even present in the other Moebius. They should all have shared the same type of tragic story where they're unable to move on. This was perfectly done with Jin as he did not want to forget Lora but his wanting to cling to the past has caused him more pain in the long run.

  25. Nailed it, I agree with you on both matters. I just honestly preferred how 2 enhanced 1, like I was hoping 3 would enhance at least 2 by filling in what was left (this is what I was expecting to happen, but it didn't really, if anything all it did was confirm that 1 & 2's endings happen in separate worlds as opposed to the same one at that time [though, honestly I would have preferred the latter]).

  26. The story in general has too many things they introduced that could have been proper Chekov's gun but instead they don't get fired and just become massive red herrings. You don't merely introduce something for no real reason. Examples I can think of are.

  27. Noah and the Gang: FREEEEDOOOOOM!!!!

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