1. So crazy theory- there’s definitely someone or something inside that pod powering/ being alexandrite. The fact the room is designed to contain makes me thing it’s sentient somehow. Total shot in the dark but for Alliteration- how possible would it be that Ezry found a way to kidnap Arathus and make her a computer hub? Goddess of knowledge and magic and she’s the only main god we never saw in C1. Plus that A names match

  2. So many! She combines mechanics and character moments so well! My top 5 Emily moments are 1) the thorn whip/ misty step combo in C1 in pirates bounty. 2) the LEGENDARY Sacharina turn in crown of candy on D20. She flies over guards, teleports a dying man to safety, does max damage to everyone around her and then casts spare the dying to stop his death saves in 1 turn. 3) the fight this week where she does detect thoughts since the the character is so venerable instead of fighting 4) Fia Claus from C2 with phantom steed and floating disk. So funny and so cool. 5) being/ fighting Hilda Hilda in D20 fantasy high s2. I have the time stamps bookmarked to go back when I’m feeling sad

  3. You can only do it once per short rest or long rest, whereas as long as you've got second level slots to burn and a bonus action, you can misty step hither and yon.

  4. There is a benefit to Fey step though in that, because it’s an ability and not a spell, you can bonus action Fey step then still cast something like Callie did on the cable car fight with her doom blade. You aren’t supposed to be able to cast 2 leveled spells in a turn rules as written but I’ve also seen dms forget this pretty often.

  5. I think it’s from that Anchor thing they use to make them now. I only get it on podcasts that use anchor

  6. Love the goofs but that calm emotions ruling needs appealed BIG TIME. The DM tried comparing it to counter spell but if you counter spell a fireball for example, the wizard still has other spell slots to keep doing things the next turn. Knocking a barbarian out of rage inhibits them the rest of the battle. Even if they break the Calm Emotions caster’s concentration AND still have a rage left to use the caster can just repeat and based on spell slot progression vs rage uses per day progression, a wizard will always have as many as if not way more spells that the barb has rages. This is just a permanent off switch to that classes core ability. I wouldn’t rule a second level spell could shut off a casters magic or a monks Ki or a rogue’s sneak attack. Just cuz it’s called rage doesn’t mean it’s not the entire power set of the class

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