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  1. So, let me overanalyze this, because there's still 8 hours till OW2 is out:

  2. Looking at this makes me realise that Orisa is essentially a new hero now. None of her kit except for Fortify remains and even that has been adjusted.

  3. Yep. Instead of reworking her to fit in a 5v5 environment, Blizzard just scrapped the entire hero and made a brand new one

  4. I won't miss Damage Doomfist, but as someone who recognizes I'm in the minority that will miss Orisa, you have my sympathy

  5. I totally should've gone in the general chat and type out the entire "You know something? I really hate people" speech

  6. Loba could add kleptomania, and Wraith could theoretically have schizophrenia, no?

  7. This is what happens when people confuse a lackluster passive with a lack of a passive

  8. It's really not. Sure, it's an allegory for anxiety and self-acceptance, both of which can apply to the trans community, but it's not specifically a trans allegory

  9. Celeste is a game. Protagonist trans, and a lot of people came to the game because they heard it was related to being trans, as expected they loved the game, and the amount of LGBT+ people in the Celeste community is way different than other games.

  10. Kinda sucks, especially since nothing was ever confirmed in the Sinatraa situation. I don't know about the arctic skins, but I know for a fact the Alien skin still has a bad reputation around it whenever there's one in a match.

  11. You're clearly too "high" if you think Doom is a sidegrade

  12. One is looking at you after flexing his gauntlet, the other is looking at you while flexing his gauntlet. It's a sidegrade

  13. Then why isn't Winston a sidegrade if all he does that is new is say hi with a smile. Doomfist does what he does in OW1, scowls and then stares at the player. Upgrade as well since it's even longer than Winston's

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