White supremacist group Patriot Front runs away and tries to cover their license plates

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  1. Alright I guess the transphobia anti science propaganda line is Back on track huh?

  2. Its not murder, sure I stabbed that man and let him slowly bleed out on the floor but thats not my fault.

  3. It would be cheaper than private healthcare and if you or one of your loved ones get hurt you dont need to pay ungodly amounts of money to help them.

  4. Bro egypt was like when the pyramids happend, China has only ever been since communism, and India is just a few small buildings with scam callers in africa.

  5. I think I’m fine without it I might consider buying Disney+ though also how is that a community

  6. I searched on the most deprived parts of the dark web, sailing the high seas so I can make a comment supporting piracy, on a site, that has a subreddit, that has posts, that has comments.

  7. Wow. They FINALLY want to wear a mask - when they are too scared to show their face, not during a pandemic!

  8. What a bunch of fucking ** honestly they should've planned for this, dumbasses can't even do the most basic shit before they go and be nazis.

  9. You do know the republicans will bring facism even faster right? Like democrats are not good for anything but to just take up space, but that's better than letting the facists into power even faster.

  10. It's likely the latter. You have to remember that they've had state-run media since 1922 so a good number of them are brainwashed into believing Putin's lies and that he is "denazifying" Ukraine. Generations of mandated viewpoints coupled with a constant strawman to hate (the West) makes people easy to manipulate much like livestock. Look at Nazi Germany, North Korea, Iran, and to a lesser extent China.

  11. To be fair the USSR did kill the most nazis in the war, sad to see how much russia devolved.

  12. Damn, I just checked and they got rid of all of their Louis Theroux documentaries. Fuuuuuck. I loved that they were all in one place.

  13. Sience fool, for you capitalist netlfixing will not break trought my pirate Bay and rarbg

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