1. if the projections of Wemby to be rudy gobert with offensive talent are true, Id say that player is better than everyone listed other than Luka and Trae.

  2. That player is definitely better than Trae. Literally just Gobert is better than Trae

  3. Nah you don’t get a lottery pick if you’re in the playoffs

  4. I think you might be thinking about this backwards. Whether or not a pick conveys is down to where the team we got it from is drafting, not where we're drafting. For example, we have the Wizards' 2023 FRP, top-14 protected. So unless the Wizards choose 15th-30th in the 2023 draft we don't get it, Washington does, regardless of where we're drafting from. Instead that pick rolls over to 2024 where it's top-12 protected, meaning we get it unless Washington drafts 12th or earlier-- again regardless of our draft position.

  5. im aware of that i think the wizards will likely be anywhere from 12-9th seed, so their pick wont convert. Pistons arent going to be good enough for theirs to convert either. The Mavs pick is the only one we have a shot at keeping but im not confident in them being a top 6 seed without brunson

  6. 100%. But that should be no disrespect to Alec Burks. He was forced to play that pg role and he did the best he could ...he didn't ask to be a point guard...the guy is an outside shooting 2 or 3 who plays scrappy defense.. that's all the poor guy ever wanted. He was a great teammate on the Knicks and an excellent locker room presence.. I wish him success

  7. blessed to see him finally getting his chance and succeeding, Hes still a jet in my book

  8. They said the pistons would be a sneaky playoff contender 😂😂

  9. theyre missing nerlens and burks who are obviously better than duren and hayes

  10. why is that? Ja will likely avg 28-7 a night on a top 3 seed in the west. dame probably averages 30-6 next year. They will both comfortably be above curry

  11. Who was better: Jalen Brunson or the fragile mentality of the teams he played in the first 2 rounds?

  12. pats will get a pass interference followed by the game winning fg. We know the script already

  13. Post game is going to be crazy if we win. On a positive note, this kid will finally have a father figure in his life. Zach wilson as youre step father aint a bad deal

  14. i hope he reaches that mahomes/allen tier of qbs but if he doesnt by 2024, there needs to be a stop gap qb in 25 to prepare for Arch manning in 2026

  15. draymond and wiggins are two of the best defenders in the league. DPOY was in draymonds hands before he got hurt.

  16. i like how the crowd clapped after each bucket, made the game feel more elegant instead of a bastardized 3pt contest

  17. Shooting range and 3pt shot creation is more important than percentages. Anyone can be a respectable catch and shoot shooter.

  18. If D Rose stays healthy, I think IQ will flirt with a 50/40/90 season.

  19. hes going to be in the lab with brunson this year, he will be able to learn alot on how to be efficient at his size. hot take but Hes a dark horse all star on this team this year

  20. Klay is on the same level as scottie before his injuries, its a shame hes not in the top 75.

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