1. The choreography doesn't look natural, looks very scripted staged

  2. I guess it's because it's Naruto Shippuden inspired (animation choreography is a bit more exaggerated) and this clip has no actual storyline or plot, so there's space for cool flashy moves🤩

  3. Maybe they just suck at live action. Stephen King sucked at translating his work into movies but other people made great movies out of his work. If the thrive in animation I'm fine with them focusing on that instead of holding up something they do not really understand well.

  4. Fantastic Beasts is another example, I really enjoyed the good parts of the franchise, but the pacing in the screenplay from J.K Rowling shows

  5. Do you guys think they'll give her blue eyes? 🤔

  6. Am I wrong in thinking this sounds like something a person promoting a show would say when they knew it was bad? "some of the scenes look really good, I'm hopeful"

  7. Maybe he only got to see "some" scenes, and that the ones he saw look really good. Actors at times hardly ever get to watch what they shot until the premiere.

  8. Sadly, I couldn't find it. Momona had posted this clip on her story months ago, I remembered it existed and found an IG fanpage that had the clip

  9. I'm so excited to see her stunts as Ty Lee! Her background in competitive dancing will make the fight choreography look incredible

  10. From the photos i see. He looks more like a shy wallflower, not like a damaged, intimidating villain who’d bust into a village, threaten its people and would kill to catch the avatar. But we’ll see, maybe the acting and make up will change my opinion. Its just that i can imagine all the actors in their role. Just not him.

  11. is aang going to be that short compared to them? He looks like an infant compared to young adults and an old guy

  12. Kiawentiio seems like she's standing a step higher or something, she's 5'3 and Ian is 5'10, she appears taller than him in the photo (probably went up the stair to take the picture). Gordon is currently 4'10 and growth spurts exist.

  13. Correct and I also think it goes hand and hand. For instance it almost seems like they wanted to hire exclusively white actors even though they have no talent.

  14. Apparently the actress cast as Katara got the role through nepotism, she was one of the producers' daughter, and well because of that they cast everyone as white smh

  15. I saw the Eragon movie before reading the book and loved it. But, then I read the book...

  16. I remember my mom bought me the book when I was like 9 and felt proud of myself for reading a long book for the first time, I remember sitting down to watch the movie and the whole time I felt like they were rushing everything, once it finished I felt empty lmao

  17. Netflix also produced Cobra Kai one of the best sequels ever. Netflix has its issues but maybe it wont be as bad as people think, but expecting it to be like the cartoon is the wrong way to look at it.

  18. I think is fine to be critical and point out dumb writing, but most peoples criticism comes down to: it does not look exactly like in the cartoon. And harassing actors is borderline in general and should be a criminal act. Especially when people harass children online.

  19. Nah probably TV-14, scenes can be heavy hitting without being visually gruesome to earn an adults only rating.

  20. He is one of Aang’s friends before he is frozen….

  21. They should make the audience wonder how the air nation got exterminated(how is it possible,, it's not considering their advantages)... Not just reveal what sozins comet was first episode

  22. It would be very interesting to see glimpses of the details of what happened as the show slowly progresses, as Aang learns about the the stakes of his mission and also how his mind deals with grief while piecing together the events.

  23. This is pretty inaccurate as Zuko wears a high ponytail and doesn’t have that hair on his scalp so this feels kinda eerie but good effort tho

  24. Bending should move with the user. Having to do a series of gestures Naruto style just isn't what bending is imo. Certain momentum-based moves like Aang creating a tornado in his fight with Bumi are fine though.

  25. I agree, as long as the choreography is harmonious with the bending, and the facial expressions show believable struggle and/or concentration, it will be visually satisfying. The problem comes when it's not proportionate or feels disconnected.

  26. You better put that arrow in the EXACT center.I'm sorry, it triggers my anxiety. But anyway, nicely done.

  27. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing ☺

  28. Oh boy the haters will be rushing in and use this photo as "evidence" of what the costumes will look like without the context to try to make themselves upset about the live action for no reason.

  29. Well I'll rush and say I don't claim them lmao, I'm eager to see what Farnaz had in mind.

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