1. Longest I've been able to keep a charge on a battery w/o a charger topoff is 2 months. And even that was weak.

  2. Is a Navaho reservation a good data set about how people get around in developed countries?

  3. You're welcome. Feel free to use them, maybe you'll get to be my age and not have scars to remind you.

  4. I’m 52 and been riding for 27 years, dear.

  5. Then you're either really lucky, or you're intentionally shitting on safe riders just to prove you have bigger cojones. Either way, be honest about your attitudes, yeah?

  6. HIPAA only prohibits medical professionals from disclosing data to third parties without your consent.

  7. Time to check the manual, see if the 'ABS' indicator was used for any other codes (TPMS, brake pressure, traction control).

  8. If the shop in question was selling and servicing other brands, it's not 'green'. The only issues would be proprietary tools, a system to order parts from Triumph (trivial, most shops can order parts for any production bike that rolls in), and MAYBE Triumph signing off on the mechanics (if they're ASE certified, most brands are OK with them wrenching).

  9. They really don’t. To them they are all racist knuckle dragging religious idiots.

  10. Scraped bodywork will be expensive to fix, but bike is perfectly rideable w/o fixing it. Battle scar.

  11. If it made it all the way down the quarter mile, I suppose it would be a valid time, yah?

  12. "Lemme have a Diablo sammich and a Dr. Pepper, and make it fast, I'm in a goddamned hurry."

  13. I would love to see more inline-threes, in all variations (ADV, naked, sport, and cruiser).

  14. This is just a desperate, short-sighted attempt by Zuckerberg to try and rebrand a dying Facebook. Who'd have thought what's basically half life* with VR and crypto nonsense is going to go anywhere in 2022? You can live in your VR mansion all you want with your hot

  15. I actually think your choice of 'half life' is spot on, because even though you were referring to a VR version of Second Life, it's been so dumbed down and cartoonified in this Meta version that they're hard to compare.

  16. no way you thought this shit was real then proceeded to make a serious comment

  17. There is one "association" that does all the trappings of a 1%er MC, but they actually exist for a more noble purpose.

  18. Especially considering how bad Tesla historically does in winter climates. It must live on the charger most days.

  19. I think you vastly underestimate how heavy snow is. My 10000 pound truck(14000 with the plow) gets pushed around with wet heavy snows. I would bet that the tires break loose and spin before it pushes much more than light fluffy snow.

  20. I remember running around in an International Scout shortbed (an old beast, 1970's vintage, w/locking hubs & high/low transfer case) with a plow on the front, and it was crazy how snow would shove that truck around. My father ended up dumping sand in the bed as ballast just to keep the damn thing from skidding around (plus we could use it as traction aid if there was ice on the road).

  21. Glad I could contribute to this by deactivating my FB account after 12 years of "let's hoover up all your private data".

  22. Not sure where you are but flashing your lights like that is illegal in most states in the US.

  23. I run a head light "modulator" (actual wigwag I wired in so you get triple flash high/low strobe), back off wired into aux lighting the lights the entire bike red when I apply the brake, or one side lights up depending on what turn signal I use. Also run straight pipes.

  24. I ran a modulator (sync'd dual headlamps, cos wig-wags are illegal in most states unless you're a first responder vehicle) for 3 years when I commuted to work in the Bay Area.

  25. Knew I recognized this road, moved to NorCal and have been missing those socal mountain roads

  26. NorCal has a TON of good roads too, though. When I lived in the Bay Area, you couldn't throw a dart at a map without hitting either water, or a twisty road.

  27. True there is a lot of good ones up here, but spent a good amount of years exploring angeles crest along with it's many forest roads. Just holds a special place yknow

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