1. The whole recorded scene with the police made him look like a psycho as well. He was trying really hard to appear cordial and cooperative, but it was clearly such an act. He physically couldn't hide his anger issues and disdain for authority, even when trying his best. Not only did the guy show no remorse, but he was acting really entitled and combative with the police.

  2. He probably smokes crack and likes to pretend he's a blue line licker , I got a neighbor just like that. He'll hoop and holler and cause shit only for him to call the cops 7 times and act like he is there friend/former police officer (he is neither) to look like he is victim.

  3. I think the Chinese are thoroughly learning from the past atrocities like the concentration camps done by the Nazis in WW2, hence they would commit these heinous acts secretly as if they didn't happen at all.

  4. or keep an eye on the other kids from China.

  5. I thought it was the man beside her in the red shoulders, then I saw eyes lol.

  6. I was that kid who knelt down once completely oblivious that the football had been "spiked?" Edit:when you spit on it.

  7. the hell does FTFY mean? Fucking That Fifty Year-old?

  8. I have no idea this is my 1st window grow so far I haven’t had any issues

  9. Yeah it's my first as well. . I was doin the window thing in the vegetative state but now am just either keeping it inside with a big bulb or having it outside when I'm home. Yours is nice af tho. I stunted mine abit. But hey first time for everything.

  10. Mexican flags in Idaho is an interesting sight with over 80% of the population being white.

  11. did he really just say "harness your power"? mf this isnt naruto youre in the streets rn

  12. Composed af , no excessive strikes, violence aint the answer but if the other person aint stopping, KO time.

  13. Tell me you're too young to get the reference without telling me you're too young to get the reference. 😂

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