1. If you get that SAT score up by a good amount I think you’d have a nice shot, top 15% isn’t bad either

  2. My son was top 12%, 1250 SAT, engineering design classes, leadership, dual credits and AP, etc. He was offered TAMU Galveston, he will be there 2-3 semesters and can transfer to College Station. He was very disappointed at first. It’s smaller, he will get more attention in the weed-out classes and hopefully make good grades and transfer. Lots in his boat, they are trying to graduate 25k engineers by 2025. I think it’s a good option, best wishes with your application !

  3. u said u could bring it up to top 10 by senior year right?

  4. well i get my rank after december 1, my question was if i were to apply next year and i happened to reach 10% would i be automatically admitted

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