1. Only when they go out of their way to clarify that they aren't a lesbian right after, especially when no one asked.

  2. I don't want to downplay the achievements of any of these kids doing amazing things on a skateboard, but one thing to consider is that falling when you weigh 200 lbs is a lot worse than falling when you weight about 40. It's a lot easier to send it when that concrete doesn't hit back like a ton of bricks.

  3. And their view down that drop is like 3ft lower so it's a way bigger psychological jump for the adult which is like 90% the issue with dropping in

  4. Take it from someone who is rocking a 12 week cast. Shoes ARE safety gear. Whatever shoes you’re using make sure they’re not too soft. Do you want some thing that’s going to protect your foot if it starts to roll. Skateboarders are highly prone to some thing called a lisfranc. Trust me when I tell you it’s not fun

  5. I slid across the ground after a fall once and it grated through my shoe so much all the laces tore off and the leather ripped open. That could have been my ankle.

  6. Are you sure you're attracted to men? Might seem like a bit outta left field, but I thought I was straight and just hated sex for like 28 years.

  7. i’m honestly never sure, but that’s a whole other dilemma

  8. It might not be a whole other thing though. although I guess if you also have trouble with pap smears maybe the other threads about vaginismus are still worth looking into.

  9. As a parent who sometimes would need to supervise small groups of children I've always said give me boys say day. After 5 minutes of pushing and shoving they establish the pecking order and then it's playtime, the adult just needs to make sure no one gets an eye poked out. With girls it's constant drama, shifting alliances, and hurt feelings. The adult becomes the enemy, the therapist, the negotiator.

  10. Do you find that checkered pros run big? I ordered a pair in my usual size but they seem loose already and I can’t figure out whether it might be worth sizing down or just a factory fault.

  11. I wish my skatepark normalized wearing helmets like this one lol

  12. I don’t even know how to skate which makes it worst lol. A leader with no skill 💔

  13. Honestly if you feel more comfortable in a helmet just go for it. Sounds like I’m at the same level as you and I never attempt more than just cruising around without wrist guards on at least (I’m overweight and 29 so I could do without having to heal a broken arm). Good luck fam

  14. Sorry for the mistakes I was typing fast

  15. Download the new Braille skate app and see if there are any other skaters in your area you can connect with! I feel your frustration about progression though, the plateau stage is hard and discouraging (particularly if you’re an impatient ass Aries like me) but change up the tricks you’re practicing and even hit up some YouTube videos of tricks that you might be able to do on the limited landscape you have available to you. Keep pushing and good luck 🔥

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