1. i feel by just the way you type you seem to be very rigid and can only assume you come of creepy to women, but i guess once you practice more cold approaching your confidence wil make you less robotic and more fluid and in the vibe of whatever is happening. personally i would of thought online dating would of been easier for you.

  2. i would drink like you every weekend and have bad anxiety for the next day or 3 days depending on how much i drank. i never drank during the week it was always a friday night or saturday night or even sunday night but never consecutive days unless i only had like 2 beers on one day. i considered myself an alcoholic because it was impacting my health and i found it very difficult to break the habit of drinking on a weekend. the only thing that stopped me drinking was turning to weed but i would do that everyday so became a worse habit. i could never smoke weed and drink. i still struggle with drinking on weekends, as long as i dont go overbaord where i have anxiety the next day im good and ive deffinetly lowered my alcohol in take. just have to keep reminding myself how bad it is for me and how little i gain from drinking it. probs 1 hour of feeling a buzz comapred to a bad nights sleep/aniety and feeling shit for a few days.

  3. One time I was dating a girl who was into that and no joke she said "The universe told me that I check my phone tonight". And I was thinking to myself you do realize the universe is just a bunch of rocks, ice, chemical reactions that turn into stars, and giant void of nothing right?

  4. technically the universe did tell her. we are made from stars and the big bang over billion of years anything we do is only possible because of the universe. which also makes astrology not as farfetched as it intiailly seems. assign personaltiies to dates seemsa bit bullshit though lol

  5. Right? My friends boyfriends don’t have great jobs. I’m not saying you need to make 60k+ but just something that I’m not funding your life. I’ve been there done that and i felt so taken advantage of. Apparently I’m an asshole for that.

  6. this makes more sense, your friends are annoyed, they dont like the fact your standards are higher than their partners its almost like a dig to them and their choices. whcih is why they say your picky. you make it clear to them you dont want any man and to them its a insult to their current partners and they think you probably think your better and worth more than them. this is where the comments are coming from.

  7. That’s what I’m saying, makes no sense and it’s just becoming so downing at this point since they say it’s me. I even tried the dating apps and was recently talking to someone who was then posted on the news for being a serial rapist

  8. your very unluky, maybe they say your picky because the guys you have dated are of a very high standard which is why they ghost you, to busy with other women etc.

  9. i know all the stuff you wrote but i still find it impossible not to care what other people think. i wish i could be free of it like you seem to be

  10. i feel the same pressures i wont date someone not attractive even though ive met alot more suitable people who arent that attractive. ive been waiting my whole life for my brain to say " who gives a crap about how they look" but i need to be sexaully attracted to them so its hard.

  11. so many supporting the dude.... i imagine he is a good guy in general but if i was in a relationship with someone they would be the good part of my day. i would want to talk to them and speak to them after work etc i cant understand how you can be too busy to talk to someone you are dating even if you have the hardest job ever. basically i dont think he is compatable for your needs. being too busy is such a shit excuse because he clearly would have at the very least 5 hours of time alone to think about you atleast once ....

  12. It’s best off calling the ticket line. Dial the number a minute before 1 when they go on sale. Works with me as I’ve only missed 2 games this season

  13. so like what i mean is brighton is up at 1pm today. does me loading the site before then help in anyway? like am i now in a queue? or does the queing begin at 1pm exact.

  14. Yeh it seems to be a lot of old torrents. i still can find torrents with the magnet link though. but theres loads without it.

  15. I started weed to stop me drinking which worked. Alcohol ruins your life faster and harder but weed does the same just takes longer. im now free from both vices and my life has improved because of it.

  16. I smoked weed for a very short while maybe 2 months but I smoked so much daily I still had real bad effects when quitting but only lasting a week. The constant crying was so odd it's like i just needed to cry for a while and then i would feel some nice relief. The insomnia, sweats, no appetite was horrible. I would get the urge to cry and just pace back and forth whilst doing so, in the garden,which helped me. Funny thing is it took me 5 months to go back to it again because I could tell I was slowly getting into drinking again on the weekend which I feel is much more deadlier when abused. But this time I've quit again 2 weeks into smoking. still have the insomnia, feeling depressed but I haven't had sweats or any crying and the withdrawals are already settling loads 3 days into quitting thankfully. Just need a full 8 hrs sleep now which will probs be tmoz. I medicate cus I'm bored and lonely, when all I've gotta do is join some local gaming club n other meet ups rather than destroying my body and mind with this constant cycle of abuse. I have social anxiety but it's not that bad , I overthink and over analyse which is what holds me back from just doing. Im starting to Work on me because I deserve it, you all deserve it.

  17. your happy you have to go to work in a congested , air polluted old building city with high knife crime and gang crime. so be it lols. london is a horrible place.

  18. 😅 I can understand if you have an issue with big cities in general, so apologies if the following information rubs you up the wrong way.

  19. im more against people promoting london and how bliss it is like the go to area in england for influencers. its a perfect picture of poverty and the rich 1% living in the same city. ive been london around 10 times and my closest city is lincoln well "cathedral city" . i think its just a grudge i have over the people who idolise london like its amazing when it has the worse poverty rates in all of england. its only good for the rich people who treat the poor like they are scum and shouldnt be there.

  20. Your factory tire size is 185/60/15. I’m unsure why you say you have 195/35/r15s. I think you might be misreading the tire. Do you have any photos of the tire?

  21. thanks for that, i did check one of the other tyres later in the day when i was pumping air into them and it was 195/55 which makes sense. i must of read the tyre wrong earlier this morning somehow. i will double check in the morning. but yeh seems impossible. thanks

  22. I think when i bought these budget tyres they just found the cheapest ones there are, so 195/30 being less material so alot cheaper. and i should be on 195/50

  23. If there is actual proof of train paying the witnesses to come forward, how is that delusional. thats a prison sentence for train. I dont like any of these streamers im not bias. but i do have a brain.

  24. mitch and maya both who were there with miz in person already defended him on the SA coverup allegations.

  25. The real idiot and cause of all this drama is mitch... stirring shit up and giving mizkifs enemy train fuel.

  26. lol its not news that all energy drinks, fizzy pop, dilute have cancer causing ingredients.

  27. Who ever clipped this blessed us with a perfect loop.

  28. Im bias, im not bias at all i dont have a bias im not bias, but right now im BIAS. lol so funny

  29. your angry she got viewers from other larger channels? lol dont you think she knows that? thats how your suppose to grow ... wierdo lol

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