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  1. Estava na sala de aula, eu usava um suéter por cima da camisa (o ar-condicionado era frio). Julgando a aula estar próxima do fim, fui tirar o suéter, com a intenção de guardar na mochila (faz calor de 30 e tantos graus lá fora). O professor pensou que eu estava tirando a roupa e tomou um susto.

  2. There are exceptions, but most of the time a "boring" font does a better job than a cursive font. The focus should be on the story/characters, not the font itself.

  3. Antipsicóticos fazem algum efeito para o tratamento dos sintomas negativos da esquizofrenia? Se não, que tipo de tratamento seria eficaz nesse caso?

  4. the fact that you’re asking this shows me you’re not a serious artist. Writers and creators don’t care about whether people are interested, they are and so they do

  5. That's just not true. If you share your creation, publish it, post it online, ask for friends and family to read, talk excitedly about it to someone, there's clear intent there. It is a valid wish to want your story to be appreciated. If all authors kept their stories only to themselves, how would we read them?

  6. As some one with a few published comics, some of which are CGC'd on my wall, it sounds like you don't want to create the comic, and are blaming others.

  7. Larguei Sistemas de Informação e agora faço Letras.

  8. Could you send a different link to it? This one won’t work :(

  9. Nossa, eu tenho esse livro em casa. Mas a moça da capa está com os dentes estragados por causa de um vandalismo que eu fiz quando era criança.

  10. The Pokemon Square theme. Blue Rescue Team was my first Mystery Dungeon game and when I hear that track, I am hit by a wave of nostalgia.

  11. Minha mãe sugeriu deixar arroz ou farinha para a rolinha comer. Eu comprei um pacotinho de alpiste.

  12. Fiz isso depois de descobrir que ela está entrando na minha casa com alguma frequência.

  13. I don't see any battle scars on him? It's a nice character design either way. Very good drawing.

  14. The 3D art style/models of Gates and Super Mystery Dungeon are not bad. They actually give cutscenes more of an impact than 2D sprites could offer.

  15. To me, the most memorable time the main character actually speaks happens in Explorers of T/D/S.

  16. Hanako's love language definitely isn't words of affirmation. These two are adorable either way.

  17. I also like to think a few of the human heroes come from the main games' world.

  18. I was looking up animatics on Youtube. No particular media, just animatics in general because I love watching them. "JSHK/Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun Animatic" came up a lot and it made me curious. I watched some of them with no context and it led me to watching the anime, then getting caught up with the manga.

  19. I would prefer a new game with new pokemon and an entirely new story. If that's not an option, an Explorers remake would be good too.

  20. Big guy is a tersa sphinx Little guy is a sehirus cinctus

  21. For more information, his little bug friend could fit on the tip of my thumb, so I hope it helps with scale. Found in Pará, Brazil. I took this picture at night, and it was illuminated by my balcony's lamp light. He was just quietly chilling on an old cloth on the clothes line.

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