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  1. Thanks for responding. I'm new to HH and wasn't sure how it all slots in. The limitations are that phalanx squads are used for mandatory troop slots. No deep striking. And you cannot have elites fast attack and heavy support choices outnumber your troop choices. Meaning those other categories combined. So 3 troops= 3 in any combination of choices from other types.

  2. The burners stay on Interemptors for me. The repeaters will get some use for me. Small 5 man squad, got to have a delivery system, they will delete a high value target and then expect to be wiped off the face of the map.

  3. It's never been different but honestly GW would have been better off not drawing attention to it. It's one of the weakest justifications in the lore especially for a setting that goes at length to explain the finer details of how advanced technology and science works in the far future, anyone with more than a basic understanding of how human biology works knows this is the flimsyist of explanations.

  4. Do I have it correctly that the Dark Angels no longer have the Firewing Enigmatii unit?

  5. The unit is likely in the expanded pdf we're expecting soon. These are just the units that have models, or are expected to have models near release

  6. They actually made something cool and distinct and all I hear is people complaining about one of the more characterful helmet options.

  7. 90% of the comments are "this is justified" but what I want to know is what did they say to eachother. I can't hear shit.

  8. I've tried listen to the Bechdel Cast multiple times and I've never been able to complete an episode. I really hoped this would be the one but I felt driven out around the halfway point.

  9. It’s worded badly but it means you get followers when you occupy a new settlement

  10. Oh thanks! So I should be using it when I plan on taking enemy settlements in quick succession. Thanks!

  11. I really don't mind multiple cores, I think it's kinda neat that you can have different styles with different customization within each style. I do think armor color and visor colors being locked to cores is terrible and glad it will be changing.

  12. Not even that, just the fact that Halsey in the lore treated them like her actual children, she legitimately cared for them and was aware what she was doing was wrong. She had a bond with them, especially John, and didn't view them as test subjects like they try to portray her in the show

  13. I haven't watched the show. Everything I learned about it was against my will on this sub. I've said elsewhere I think she is a complicated character. Cold and calculating but not without a realization beneath the surface that she doesn't show to others that blood and suffering are on her hands.

  14. In the books there's at least one section where she's shown crying herself to sleep at night for having to do all this terrible shit and never being able to be there for her biological daughter when she died.

  15. People hate on her convincing Ned to be Hand but it's the right political and strategic move at the time. It's not her fault Ned fell on his face playing the game. He was in exactly the right position to save the King and Kingdom and he ruined it with his naivete.

  16. Same way the Republicans in the US do. They lie about everything.

  17. Lying is a part of it but the GOP are able to win here even if they recieve fewer votes due to the Senate, gerrymandering, and electoral college. Torries are just able to successfully deceive people all the time?

  18. I don't remember where I read it but it's implied The Lion didn't age rapidly like the rest. He grew at a normal rate for a human but of course he was much larger at every stage.

  19. I am sure she has ruined a grand total of ZERO relationships.

  20. Yeah everybody needs to chill out. It's kind of annoying but white t-shirts are cheap as hell and no one is gonna think someone was making out with your scapula.

  21. Both excited and hesitant. I absolutely loved the aesthetic of old world empire. Holy Roman Empire circa 1500 was absolutely perfect for me.

  22. Good write up but tbf the Excindio were part ofthe Ironwing.

  23. I'll be that guy: the Excindio are commanded by the Ironwing but the Leader of the Dreadwing has to unlock them. Dreadwing keep em, Ironwing uses them and even then it seems they are delegated to a specific order of the Hekaronystika.

  24. I'm so relieved that I don't play halo anymore. It was stressful, felt like a second job trying to complete weekly challenges so I didn't miss out.

  25. Gothic knights going to be good now instead of being bugged to the point of losing to peasants?

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