1. Kanye, The Weeknd, Brent Faiyaz, TV Girl, PartyNextDoor, Young Thug, Baby Smoove

  2. how long for the account to come back? days or hours?

  3. I can show a before and after pic of the challenge and my jail date too. 💀

  4. Don’t listen to him, you don’t have to prove your honesty to guys like that. Congrats on finishing despite a big obstacle!

  5. Did you pay the bail in full or use a bondsman? You'll get it all back when you show up to court if you covered it. If you used a bondsman that money is gone no matter what happens at court.

  6. Bail is refunded after the disposition of the case, whether you win or lose. It’s simply to ensure you show up for court.

  7. Push-ups, sit-ups, maybe pull-ups. Do, you know, typical jail exercises. If not, back to 1. It’s just 11 days so not that bad anyway. I’d be more concerned about what landed you in jail than your workout anyway. Get the help you need. Be well.

  8. Update: I wish I was trolling but I wasn’t. 😭 I got a couple tickets a long time ago but got arrested for not paying them by mistake. 😨 I ended up just doing a lot of stretching that night and some push ups and sit-ups. I’m still going strong on day 18!!!

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