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  1. Damn they’re making sure to destroy kids emotionally really early on these days.

  2. Both. What you prefer Move back also has its advantage and duck you can come back with uppercut.

  3. nah he just wants to use up all of its resources so he can send our species to Mars and go down in the books as a God

  4. Yeah he’s going to send a few people and they’re going to die there lol.

  5. If a genie granted this wish, your job would be to handle the bugs when converting from the old standard to the new standard.

  6. Bruh I had my first time zone issue in prod the other day. I never understood what the big deal was until it happened to me. That was the most frustrating bug to fix.

  7. Was stoned last night before bed and clocked my resting HR at 49.

  8. Bro your heart trying to kill you. Mine remain strong. Even when I’m sleeping, 102 bpm.

  9. Serous regard question: what portion of the market is made up of retirement accounts? Who is doing the actual selling for the last 6 months?

  10. I’m guessing all big funds. But someone has to be left holding the bag, retail can’t hold the bag because we’re like 18% of the market.

  11. Watching JPOW speak, he’s like telling everyone not to sell but he’s telling his inside circle to sell.

  12. Everyone praising but no one realizes it’s added on. The sand castle nor the ditch is real lol

  13. Can you draw more lines? I can’t guess good enough

  14. So everyone borrowing money to invest? Did I read that correctly. These hedge funds are all just borrowing money from each other, to gamble on the market?

  15. Who the fuck is pushing this retarded agenda, and more surprising, how the fuck are you guys so retarded to not know this is not how inflations work in regards to tax refunds. We are reaching levels of stupidity that is unprecedent.

  16. Yeah bro I see 500 likes on the pic. If he had included the full info I would have believed.

  17. Zero Hedge has been a trusted news source for over a decade, if you invest and like alternative views of the market and political landscape it has been a great source of verifiable information. You don’t need to get defensive, but someone who didn’t fail college and takes time to research their investment strategies would definitely know this news source.

  18. Yeah I had to go out and do my research. Didn’t know who they were but I see now I can post a screenshot on here without anything and hope people figure out who it is

  19. I bought 3 pairs of dunk lows using wegobuy and the total came out to be $175.13 for just the shoes, and then $130.12 using FedEx shipping. I paid $11.81 for high quality QC pics which makes the total $317.06. I would’ve paid at least $400 if I used a middleman.

  20. How did you tell them you wanted the HQ pics? I’ve asked for them and they send crappy one. Did specify anything specific ?

  21. And they don’t have to grant you permission. They can choose to not cover it and then you have to either hire an attorney or pay for it out of pocket.

  22. Not just the NSA. School districts

  23. How did they not get charged with CP? They have to had caught someone naked in their bedroom more than once.

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