1. Question: does the money changers thing apply to all commerce or just loans and whatnot?

  2. 1831 by a French explorer in the Arkansas territory. We’re named after a neat rock he saw

  3. Don’t care what anybody says, Stardew Valley slaps. Let’s me live out my fantasy about owning a house and making wine while my himbo husband watches the kids

  4. Who? Who doesn't want to wear the ribbon?!

  5. My husband can do this but I have no clue. Hell, I got lost in Savanah and it’s a freak’n grid system

  6. First just the country itself, like, how it looks on a map. Then super crowded cities

  7. Ok, see that’s confusing. I’ve never heard robots called that before. When I hear “humanoid” to me that means a creature with roughly human proportions

  8. He’s not great, but better than the other guy. That being said I don’t want him to run again.

  9. Been together for 10 years and if we do get mad we talk about it and resolve it because the relationship is more important than whatever we’re fighting about

  10. US vs Pakistan, I don’t think anybody makes it out of that one since we both have nukes

  11. I think this could have been phrased better. I do agree that democrats could stand to focus more on concrete issues when it comes to their messaging like infrastructure rather than social issues to build a stronger voter base and attract independent voters while at the same time still advocating for said social issues.

  12. I depends on the fragrance. Like, if he’s hot but smells like a gallon of ax body spray that’s a huge turn off

  13. Some kind of shits going down when Putin finally dies

  14. Yep, he’s old and rumored to be in bad health. I can’t think of a time off the top of my head when’s country had a seamless power transition when the dictator dies except for like North Korea and Russia doesn’t have near that amount of control over its people

  15. If they are genetically the same except for the x/y then maybe. They aren’t you, just somebody very very similar so I’m not sure

  16. How do you define those and what counts as a violation? And what would the punishment be? If I call somebody an ass hat, I’m disrespecting them. Should that be punished? Or would it just apply to government actions?

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