1. No. Console market is non-existent comparing to mobile and WR on mobile is small vs other mobas. It doesn’t make sense (aka profit) to made console version for Riot. 2 Lux skins in China could make more profit than world wide console release.

  2. 2 Lux skins that are also available on console seems to be even more profitable

  3. Mobile market in China is 600 mln. players, console market in China is 15 mln. players. Definitely not the same number and not even close.

  4. Only through drops right now, if I'm not mistaken

  5. What role did you play to climb? Any specific builds or tips you suggest? How many games did it take you?

  6. holy shit that's a lot of manga, how many volumes are there? Also, how much in debt are you now?

  7. which parts of the ranked system do you think is an improvement? Is it just the marks? ironically I personally think that the wildrift ranked system is its biggest flaw, and the main reason it is not as great as league of legends.

  8. yea, I think the marks and the loss prevention sytem are really well implemented. I wish there was a loss prevention system in LOL PC, I really think it's a great addition to the game. I also think Ranked Rewards are way better in WR due to the ranked store and better/longer "ranked pass", as opposed to the simple rewards we get in LOL PC.

  9. "our first attempt at making sushi" - just happens to have all the right ingredients, knows how to make complex sushi dishes, happens to have the perfect plates and recepients to put the food and sauces on

  10. pretty sure he's just trolling us at this point

  11. fr, their house looks like a winery or smth, mad interesting

  12. How do I climb when my teammates aren't cooperative? Most of the times, after killing most of the enemy teamm they'll chase the rest of the enemies instead of taking neutral objectives. I just lost like 5 games from things like this, I just want to go back into my usual rank ;_;

  13. Boot from HeroSwitcher instead. It’s in the x64 file of the installation folder.

  14. is there no other way to fix this bug? I'd preffer to launch the game normally instead of needing to mess with it's files

  15. My bro you were thirsting for that jax kill

  16. you shouldn't have expectations of success, you don't play the game very much

  17. I've only recently come back into the game because of uni, so that's why I don't have a ton of games played yet, though I've constantly played for the last years.

  18. Isso foi uma referência ao famoso jogo "among us"?

  19. Hi, I have a few questions. Is Boys Run The Riot and Blue Period any good? Those caught my attention.

  20. I heard blue period is great, one of my friends is reading it rn and he's loving it

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