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  1. Search up the adjustment score for your highschool, it'll give you a sense of if that mark is good enough from your school.

  2. Yeah, I think on the adjustment score sheet the provinces have their own seperate adjustment scores.

  3. Yes, I think you should be fine. I got into Biomedical Engineering with a similar average.

  4. Personally, I would recommend getting a surface pro as it's a pretty good 2 in 1 laptop. In terms of tablet usability, the touch screen is pretty response and if you get the surface pen it's basically the same as a normal conventional tablet. Most of the surfaces as well come with decent specs so for general laptop use it is pretty good (however since it lacks a graphics card) for things like gaming and video editing that require a lot of processing power. Having used it I found it pretty reliable, but as I mentioned earlier because it's a 2-in-1 although being fairly good in both categories, it's excels in neither due to its limitations. In terms of weight it's really late weighing around the same as a laptop and battery life are pretty good.

  5. I had a surface pro 4 and let me tell you the lifespan on that thing is short. The digitizer stopped working after mild touchscreen use, the battery dies in 2 hours and it's incredibly slow. The issue with battery is a common offender on surface products in general so be mindful of that before buying.

  6. Really? I have the (and have been currently) using a surface pro 7 for the last three-ish years with no problems. Still get 6 hours of battery on fairly average use, and my touchscreen works absolutely fine as I use it in tablet form a lot for notetaking.

  7. If you're going into something such as comp sci like you mentioned, definitely get something dedicated for laptop functions as for things like coding you'll need something decent. You won't need something like a beefy gaming laptop, but something with decent memory, storage and CPU I would recommend just to make things easy.

  8. Has anyone gotten into computer science and if yes what was your average ?

  9. Wasn't me directly but had two friends who applied and got in. One had an 96 average and the other had around a 89ish.

  10. Same boat as you, applied to ryserson, uoft and waterloo, and have nothing. Meanwhile everyone else I know has already gotten accepted into their programs...

  11. Yeah it sucks when all my friends have offers and are already looking into residence and stuff when I haven’t heard anything. From what other people here are saying though it’s likely they just haven’t gotten to our applications yet which is certainly calming my own anxieties and hopefully yours. Don’t worry, we’re in this together:)

  12. Was the car turning left already in the intersection or turning? That's the only thing I could think of, as usually it's best to avoid turning at the same time.

  13. try moving the picture line of code to above the name, and change the picture file to a PNG. I've found that most times JPG doesn't work.

  14. Hey, I currently have a jhin Club called "Jhin IsNumber1ADC" with the clan tag "Jhin*" if u wanna join add my account: TheLoneShinobi (unfortunately my main account doesn't have a jhin name like my alts)

  15. Is this at target? I’d love to get this game!

  16. It doesn’t support any certain view so no one should get mad. Good meme 8.27/10

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