1. Honestly, I don’t think 2024 is totally lost. But it would require a drastic change of course from the DNC. They need someone who if further left than Biden and Harris (low bar to set, I know), is younger, and is a fighter who will call out the DNC on their bullshit. If there was ever a time for a fiery reform candidate it’s now.

  2. It's kind of funny that atheists aren't more politically active with the knowledge that stuff isn't going to just "work out" through divine providence. Despite knowing that everything is random and human myths, such as equal rights, must be fought for, you still don't see atheists fighting like hell for everything.

  3. Cynicism or the general comforts of daily life prevent many from get active politically

  4. The best dystopian film I’ve seen is Children of Men, the book is wonderful as well. It’s similar to the handmaids tale, as the world is experiencing mass infertility.

  5. Please don’t paint it. Is it ivory or white? I agree that it needs an intense cleaning. Tile contractors use muriatic acid. Get it at tile supply store or hardware store. Protect your hands and start in an area that is not obvious until you are sure you like the outcome.

  6. No plans to paint, I plan on preserving the old quirky style of this bathroom. The walls are a colorful teal ceramic tile but I can’t tell what the floor is made of. It’s definitely not a true white, and a lot of the black spotting seen is naturally part of the tile. The bathroom was last redone in the 50-60’s, hoping this might hint at what the tile is made of.

  7. That is a beautiful floor. Different paint choice, change the lighting…lots of people are ripping up what they have for mosaic like that.

  8. Hi, for me usually pilling is from silicone-y/dimethicone-y products especially when I use too much. And indeed Lipikar has dimethicone as well as mineral oils that can't be absorbed. Not sure what else to advise, IMO pilling isn't a big deal at night only during day under makeup. I would not apply this before tretinoin BTW.

  9. I hear the books are interesting. Anyone read them?

  10. Why did the one who'd tried to rape her only stop at an attempt is what I'm wondering. I mean, he had nothing to stop him, so had he wanted to rape her he wouldn't have just stopped at an attempt, thus him having stopped means that he didn't want to rape her. It wasn't even actually possible for that to have been rape as a matter of fact since she accepted it. It would've just been sex.

  11. Other people were there and as the article stated they acted as her protector. It’s likely that many of them stopped the individual from doing anything.

  12. I had to stop using Finacea and go with TO azelaic because the copays were getting insane. And I always had to jump through hoops to get an exception just to get it covered.

  13. Azelaic acid is sold otc in Australia so I get it from an online Australian store Chemist Direct for like $20

  14. What about best reef safe sunscreens? I live right by the beach. And am skin cancer prone (thanks, genetics).

  15. Try Blue Lizard or Cotz. Both are mainly mineral based sunscreens that have super simple formulas.

  16. I have been using differin since April and began to purge in August. It is mid September and it’s made my skin look so much worse. How long does it take for the purge to end as this is really having an effect on my self esteem?

  17. If you started in April, you should have finished purging within 4-6 weeks. So the fact that your skin is still worse all the way out in September means that differin may not be for you. It's probably best to try something other than differin.

  18. I found a dupe for the DE vitamin c serum in Maelove's glow maker ($28). Been using it for nearly a year and its been really great, it really brightened my skin.

  19. I see its in a dropper bottle like TO have you had any issues with this product going bad? The main reason I have stuck with DE because it hasn’t turned bad and it remains stable until I run out. How long does a bottle usually last you?

  20. I’ve always refrigerated my vitamin c serums so I’ve never had one go bad on me. I use the serum once a day and a single bottle typically lasts me 2-3 months.

  21. Based on the desiccated lead margins/tips and the fact that decreasing their sun exposure didn’t reduce the symptom’s spread — could be nitrogen burn, sometimes generalized as ‘fertilizer burn.’

  22. Ok good, should I hold off on hardening them off until the symptoms go away?

  23. 2 month old tomato seedlings have been transplanted into bigger pots. I’ve started to harden them off outdoors last week but then this started to happen to the edges of the leafs on all of the tomato’s. I have a feeling it’s sunburn but the drying of the leafs has continued to progress even though I’ve keep the plants indoors under a grow light for a couple of days. I make sure their soil is always moist and that they get a break from the light for the night. Before I start trying different feedings for a deficiency I wanted to get an opinion on if this is a sunburn or something else

  24. At least we have time. I’m okay unless it turns out to be faster than expected.

  25. Yeah the lab sucks but it all depend on the grade you want, you can miss 80 points and still pass with like a C i think

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