1. I find the often you have more healer with healers than can take dps talents the higher your win rate. Almost all of the 5 healer games I’ve played we have won. This is due to healers actually putting the most stats on the board through heals, self heals, and damage. To where if your opponent can’t burst someone to death you essentially have infinite sustain and lots of utility through healers natural abilities. I find it so strange how often people get mad or swap off of a 2nd healer in favor of a dps, but many times depending on the healer it is better to have another healer over a mediocre dps. I would love to see the exact statistics on win rates by number of healers since insights from being a data analyst tell me that there is a strong positive correlation between healer count and win rate.

  2. Probably because you were genitally mutilated as a baby which ruined a lot of your “members” sensitivity.

  3. Just look up knees over toes guy and YouTube and bulletproof your knees. Problem solved.

  4. I’ve been doing Callisto since it’s normally about 3 mins or so of AFK per kill. Given you would either have to have full Verac’s or Fang to work well. Would need to be perfect on not losing helm or getting smited… but I’m a normie lol.

  5. The Dramen staff is still pretty beneficial for free defensive stats if doing stuff in Wildy… I use all the time with holy book when running from pkers at wildy bosses.

  6. My good is like silver 1, not great by any means but I do pretty okay. I find whenever Imm picking a heroic I need it to be a momentum changer, and when I play illidan I jump in and out of the center of combat frequently so anything that gives me the upper hand or anything that helps me knock out damage dealers quickly can determine how long I can fight before I jump back out

  7. No offense here bro, but I would say your opinion is probably only relevant at your MMR level. Since it is Silver/Gold maybe? Hunt is definitely going to be better than meta because of how the enemies play. At higher ranks (champ+) enemy teams are much more coordinated and generally have insights into every hero and their play styles and analyze talents to understand how to play around certain things. One stun from a coordinates team could have you nuked in seconds easily. Meta allows you to dodge potentially otherwise undodgeable CC that might get you caught and killed. That split second difference makes the difference between high level players too and it’s very relevant when watching their gameplay. Not saying hunt doesn’t have its place, because I love it for global potential. But, to say that meta is D tier is would be false.

  8. Looks like more of a draft issue. I recommend trying to shot call for your team EVERY game. If you don’t, they’ll just run around like idiots and int -Fan 2022. Help call shots in draft by learning maps, counterpicks, synergies, statistical analysis of profiles. Shot call enemy talents, things to look out for, interrupts needed, rotations, early groupings, tank opportunities, etc… this game is actually quite easy to beat 5 stacks by making your team into a 5 stack through proper guidance.

  9. Yeah if you do it wrong for sure. There’s definitely a skill to it.

  10. I guess it would be okay if they only had a partial child 🤷‍♂️

  11. Bruh are you thinking this is some synthetic blend? Turk is primarily ecdysteroids which can be found in spinach. Eaten at a high enough volume the outcomes could be similar. This is truly supplementing stuff you could otherwise get in food.

  12. Reddit dwellers when I don’t make sure to have a perfectly punctual and grammatically correct post 😖😖

  13. Bruh you only used a total of 2 punctuation marks; a question mark and a comma. Not even a period! :6301:

  14. Spirit Kunai with purple caltrops. 110% ghost weapon dmg, oni dmg on katana and charm. Fire master and combat regen on charm

  15. Sen’Jin. A hybrid between rehgar and Zuljin. A hero who’s primary role is healer but does so through dealing damage similar to Anduin or Whitemane.

  16. Blessed strikes AOE healing seems like it would be way too op. It’s much easier to spam out 5 melee attacks than it is a couple of headshots in short succession. The healing would have to be pretty low for it to be fair, but then it wouldn’t really even be worth running as the Samurai themselves would be weaker as a result.

  17. Hip thrusts. Preferably in a beautiful curvaceous woman. As you progress you will need to find heavier women… if that becomes an issue start Tren and it will sort itself out.

  18. As me and another gentleman on here agreed upon this morning, hack squats are king and don’t you mfer’s start using it. We enjoy our empty machine

  19. I have been considering swapping my barbell back squat for the hack squat. If I do will I need to introduce more glute and ham work? We only have 3 squat racks in my gym and they’re ALWAYS busy with barbell rowers, deadlifters, and overhead pressers. We only have 1 hack squat but it’s normally open.

  20. I’ve been attempting this too lately and find myself failing consistently on wave 12/13. I’m running a melee damage ult spam assassin and find most times I die is when going for a stealth attack and getting whacked before, during, or immediately after. Originally I wasn’t using a smoke bomb and that helped immensely to strategize in difficult situations. The biggest challenge has been from the poison body waves. Even though I’m rocking forbidden medicine and healing vanish, it’s so hard to not get poisoned and get one shot during the poison stagger. I have found utilizing fire barrels often has helped a lot more as I retreat back and blow them up for kills, resolve, stalling, etc… also make sure the main point that you are saving as your final point is the closest one to the buyables so you can utilize those more often on the higher rounds. The biggest thing is to stay calm, and make sure to not take any risks where you can get “chanced” by an enemy. Obviously at the end of the day your build is going to be one of the biggest factors in your success, as I’ve found managing tengus* to be hard on every class except assassin.

  21. I always called it the “French fry” hair when roasting dudes in rap battles that had that style 😂

  22. 9/10 cause fire master seems like a waste with only burning blade to proc. You’re better off with resolve increase to ult more often which will equal more dps.

  23. Probably not since you’re running a stealth build you might get whacked by a hallucinated guy while trying to stealth attack someone else.

  24. This isn’t stupid at all… bodybuilders been doing this forever. Imagine the macros; straight protein. This is a fairly low-calorie dense meal too meaning you can eat a lot of it without having too many calories and gaining weight. Makes sense most people think this is stupid since the average American is obese and probably thinks a regular pizza would be healthier.

  25. Also you may want to do some research on macros and calories in/calories out. Protein can definitely get stored by the body… as muscle lol. Any calorie will turn into fat if you’re in a surplus of calories and don’t have proper hypertrophy and recovery to stimulate it into muscle growth.

  26. Notice how we were discussing stupid food, not stupid diets. The diet may be stupid but that wasn’t the premise of the argument. The food itself is actually quite smart. If someone wasn’t following this diet they could easily add some fruits on the side and have a bag of smart pop popcorn later for fiber. IE: food smart, diet stupid.

  27. Literally just crop a majority of the wall out?

  28. The best way is to get multiple friends to all solo a story and invite your friend right before you walk through the portal in ch3 he will still get all rewards. I did this with 3 friends and we powerleveled our friend to 105 in like an hour or so.

  29. You could always hook up a band in a way that you use the band to increase the tension of the dumbbell. Even without that you would benefit from 20+ reps nice and slow and controlled. Even if you can do more than that your shoulders will be hard ASF if you’re doing 40+ reps as opposed to skipping them altogether… sometimes you just have to improvise.

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