1. Seeing this just reminded me of Chris Webber, Mike Bibby, and Peja Stojakovic. Man what a time that was for the NBA lol

  2. It's crazy Peja's kid is already about to start playing uni basketball next season.

  3. Lmao that's why I said I wasn't afraid, it's just like, what am I trying to get followed by one for

  4. Why can't they just do like level 4 will be a fun affix then level 7 would be dangerous one. I feel like this might balance it out more than just everything is less bad and more bad.

  5. What are you even talking about? I'm talking about at the +4 level the first affix can be a fun affix like you gaon more movement speed or whatever. Then at +7 you get a dangerous one like spiteful.

  6. There has never been strong gameplay that necessitated a faction divide, except for side things such as War Mode and For The Horde!/For The Alliance! achievements/ Horde and Alliance all did the same content practically together, ignoring faction tags.

  7. And apartment buildings don't usually need signs plastered everywhere to not scream and yell for laughs at 1am in the morning, because it goes without saying. It's as unnecessary as complaining about DF in this post

  8. Yup I got the annual pass way back then too, because I knew I'd be subbed anyway. Just like I know now, so may as well get some "free" stuff

  9. probably because ur a gaslighting toxic positivity asshole wow shill how much does bobby pay you shill??

  10. mr. kotick (my friend's dad) actually just bought tanner and i The PAle Beyond for our nintendo DS, because WE only play games with no badfixxes 😏😏


  12. Was heading home after a walk through the forest this past September. At this point I hadn't seen anyone in the last 15 minutes.

  13. Mechagnome MM Hunter cause you're troubleshooting mechanical/electronical systems

  14. Vault and keys... Vault and keys... VAULT AND KEYES!

  15. Wowhead doing their typical rage bait bullshit by posting their article on Twitter with a picture of entangling roots despite the affix being not like a root at all

  16. In all fairness it's also kind of on other people to figure that a photo of a human (old model?) in what looks like Elwynn Forest or Duskwood, wearing everyday clothes, probably isn't a screenshot of the affix visual

  17. The real problem occurs when these spells are forced out of you by the affix but you're also supposed to be using them for dungeon mechanics during your current pull, so you just get fucked when this happens.

  18. That's not a problem with the design. It's literally intentional that it overlaps. It's on you to decide which one is more important to cleanse

  19. Ok fair, but so this is where you wouldn't prioritize the affix over the dungeon mechanic if you only had 1 magic dispel or 1 decurse

  20. No my one about the cushions was a real thing, some clickable objects put you in a "vehicle" where you can't press your real buttons unless you exit

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