DIY dynavap induction heater

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  1. Thanks... I'm new, and have a DVap, just wanted to make it better. So I would guess it's the same length as 2020M ?

  2. Nice. Thanks for responding. Are those just the regular dyna o rings on the tip? And, just the standard length condenser?

  3. Good question, I was wondering if it is an XL condenser,... maybe a a spinning mouth piece, wonder if that would work?

  4. Shoot your fucking dealer, and then stick it up their ass...!!! Problem solved...your Welcome, Good Day

  5. It is available in a package with the head, ruby balls, coil, handle, heat controller, bowl, and heat stand. That should be everything you need!

  6. Don’t let the lower price make you think it’s a “lesser” device! The reason they are priced lower is because the ceramic can’t be removed from the moulds without some minor imperfections, so they are sold as “b stock” because they don’t look perfect. They work great!

  7. Thanks, I'm 69 Dude, and on SSI...I have no problem using b- stock, who's gonna care as long as I love it... That's what matters.

  8. Throw it away... Buy a new one.... Problem solved... Your Welcome.

  9. Stem on the left = 2020M / Stem on the right = 2021M! :)

  10. Some ppl just want to troll..I have some nice jars, which I use to store ground in...I'm a collector ... LoL have 😊

  11. BTW...is the premium a Lot better then normal...I'm new and old and confused...(

  12. Maybe try to put it in the freezer for a few hours, and then try to clean it with a hard bristle toothbrush...

  13. As Crocodile Dundee would say "Now, That's A Tray !". Making me so jealous.

  14. Yea definitely agree, I don't have a soldering iron yet and this was pretty easy to do without one but I plan to get one for my next project

  15. It looks great. I have seen other vids when they heat the vapcap a little to long, and the connector melts, I have never had any issues myself, and am using the 12v 6a Kester PS. I love it...:) Enjoy those clouds !!!

  16. I had a problem refilling mine. It would just spray butane everywhere. Tried a different refill canister and it worked fine. You aren't by chance trying to use a "universal" refill canister are you? That was my problem. Got a good one and problem solved.

  17. Yes, just using it as is. None of the nozzles that came with fit.

  18. Wait... You just said, " None of the nozzles that came with fit.". I thinks I know his problem. I had the same happen to me. Simple, I took it back to the manager, and asked him to fill my lighter. He couldent do it either, guess what... I got a replacement, by a different brand. Works great now....

  19. I have 3 Girls also...just wish they was Dyna Girls... , I would trade them for your 3 any day... Nice Trio enjoy them.

  20. I got my medical marijuana card because I was sick of dealing with people on the streets. I can carry my medication anywhere I go within the state of Ohio. If you ever met me you would never guess I used marijuana. Get your card, keep it quiet and worry about problems when or if they arise. Ohio workman's Compensation actually recognizes the medical marijuana program they just refuse to pay for the medication because it is not a federal law and they are federally funded. I use a tincture and often concentrates. I have been able to get that type of stuff on a streets but never anywhere near the quality that I get from the dispensary. The product does cost a lot but you get what you pay for. My family doctor is actually completely cool with me using marijuana. If you have a doctor that disagrees with it he's most likely the same doctor that will prescribe you opiates or some other bullshit that will harm you. Marijuana has saved my life and I will stand by my beliefs until the end no matter how many walls they put up. I believe in not only the medical benefits of marijuana but the social benefits, use of marijuana for alcoholics, use of marijuana in place of harmful pain medication etc.. I have openly used marijuana for over 25 years. I did not hide it from anybody back then and now that I have my card I definitely won't hide it from anybody now. If you're ashamed to use marijuana don't use it. No job is worth sacrificing my mental or physical health. 💯🤸

  21. I have had my Dyna for a month or so... bought a triple flame lighter...had a hell of a time with any thing good. Spent about 25 dollars on a DIY IH...I'm in love with it... You wanna buy a 3 Flame Touch lighter... ???

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