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  1. Lol I love that bit. But upvote for the passion.

  2. Obviously — but it doesn’t mean that a particular mannerism can’t be cringy

  3. I don't cringe at that at all. I think in the context (the time, the way he says it, the way he feels about the person), it's intended (and received!) as a compliment. Not "She's younger than me and therefore lower than me," like a school principal calling a student Young Lady. I think it's more like, "Youth is a desired trait. Women like to look young and be thought of as young and so I'm highlighting that as a way to be a gentleman (and/or gain favor)." Without seeing any clips for examples, my gut memory says he's trying to be respectful.

  4. Intent and impact are two different things! First of all, he’s talking about the women when he says this, not too them. If anything, it’s to bolster his own self-image. But I don’t think there’s too much thought except to add an extra word, on the part of the writers (fabulous young woman hits the ear better than fabulous woman). Unfortunately, it also makes him sound a little creepy

  5. Isn't it usually part of a three word combo? In my head I'm hearing, "I just met a lovely young woman." It does hit the ear better, and I agree that's why it was written that way. Frasier speaks in a way to hit the ear well. It's his thing.

  6. Out of place is a great way to put it. Why would I want that for 6 or 7 seasons? I don't like Kirby either but he is only in like 6 episodes vs 6 seasons of kenny.

  7. I love Kenny, I think he's funny, and I don't find him out of place at all. Wild choice to me.

  8. I love seeing the cast members struggle to stay in character. Just makes it funnier to me.

  9. You would love Jimmy Fallon! He did that in pretty much every sketch he was in! Comedy GENIUS!!

  10. I agree. It’s a sitcom. Why did people ever expect something different?

  11. It was extremely different. I wish it was more like a regular episode.

  12. Thank you ! I always think of this when I watch it ! Why would these grown ass men look at it ? If she’s only 15 ? So wrong !

  13. I believe that's covered at length in the episode.

  14. So he tried to steal the goal and up his own score count - but in doing so ended up turning that shot into a “pass” that isn’t allowed?

  15. Basically, yes. I'll try to be as thorough as possible.

  16. Great explanation but FYI it’s “offside” not “offsides”

  17. Yeah I know, I just can't help myself. I prefer it with an s.

  18. Even professional button up sweater wearer, Mr Rogers

  19. Thanks for that! I'd never seen it before, and it's now one of my favorite clips of all time!!

  20. What?? That guy is amazing you LUNATIC!

  21. If you think this girl is speaking naturally, you're ridiculous.

  22. How do you know she's not? Are you saying no one actually speaks like that? I've heard it plenty before. They're all faking, all the time?

  23. Well I was talking about the accent, not her drama levels.

  24. I think too much about this one. I know it's just a sitcom, but I can't come up with a reasonable answer!

  25. The real-world answer, in my opinion, is that she has OCD, and is compelled to wear it, like she's compelled to do any number of other things we don't know about.

  26. Wow, that's deep, and it works. I now feel for same dress lady.

  27. Maybe she's with Kittsmiller! He seems pretty open-minded.

  28. So I Married an Axe Murderer is such a great movie with amazing cameos. My favorite is

  29. One of my favorite scenes. They movie is ridiculously under rated. My favorite Mike Meyers movie probably. The Phil Hartman scene as the Alcatraz tour guide is gold

  30. Now here's something the other tour guides won't tell you...

  31. Great question! I spent months researching the extremely difficult-to-navigate world of mattress reviews. What hell.

  32. Do you often flip yours? Which side do you like the best? And did any goodies come with your purchase like pillows or toppers or anything?

  33. I haven't flipped it, and don't plan to. The medium side is perfect. I haven't slept on the firm side, although I did lay on it when it first arrived and I thought it was fine.

  34. You mean it's just got that one song in the middle about Scrooge getting dumped? That every kid ever totally checks out during and usually skips? It's the "Cheer Up, Charlie" of A Muppet Christmas Carol.

  35. Hmm, that's not what I thought as a kid, or any of the other kids and family members I watched it with. But we were the type of people who can appreciate a slower, sadder moment in the middle of a powerhouse of a movie like this - especially one so crucial to the plot. (Others have pointed out how the movie doesn't make as much sense without it, but I'm sure you already knew that.)

  36. Does Muppet family Christmas mean nothing to you?!

  37. Both classics in my household. I would love to watch a spirited debate. Would be win-win for me.

  38. I’m glad to see a positive post. I’m an iPhone user who is going to switch to Android this year. Pixel phones look very appealing because of the software experience but it’s been hard to know if it’s worth getting when the majority of the posts are negative or angry rants. I then have to try and extrapolate data and figure out if it is just a vocal (and rightfully) angry minority or if the issues are widespread enough to stay away from the Pixel.

  39. Put me down as someone who hasn't had issues with Pixel. I had a 1, 3, and now 6 Pro, and I've always been happy. I got 3 family members onto Pixel, and I can say the 3aXL, 4a, and 5a were a hit with them.

  40. I always felt it was a symptom of Frasier’s need to be loved and accepted. In Boston he didn’t seem to have as many haughty friends, for whatever reason. Diane introduced him to the bar, he became somewhat accepted and friendly with the people there, so he did what he had to do to fit in. In Seattle where he spends so much time with Niles, he was either free to be his true self, or he changed his habits to be more accepted by Niles.

  41. But I like talking about what poor people should do without offering any solutions. It makes me feel good.

  42. Yes, and that's what this thread is for! To make a 15 year old feel worse so we can feel better! Not to mention, the solutions are obvious and plentiful!

  43. Another thought. Seems like your parents had too many kids for their size house / budget. If they can't adequately house their kids they shouldn't be having kids.

  44. This is the most helpful advice, OP.

  45. Agreed. The curved glass adds nothing and prevents the use of screen protectors. Some pages read goofy too.

  46. Personally, I can't stand trying to use gesture navigation with a flat screen. The curved screen makes that feasible. If they go back to flat, I'm going back to the 3 buttons. So that's one added value. And with this phone being so big, I prefer the gestures. (Although I wouldn't mind a smaller phone.)

  47. Well he took her as a date which was fine. He didn’t know that she would ask about them ever being engaged. He said no then broke up with her. It’s no different then breaking up with someone at Dinner and then driving them home afterwards. Jim was not planning on breaking up with her that night. If that was his plan then yes it’s shitty. He just saw the girl that he loves Get reengaged and was just asked the question by a girl he has been dating a few months if that’s going to be them someday so he abruptly broke up with her.

  48. Don't listen to those other guys. They think people should control their words and actions.

  49. Shyamalan is known for his twist endings so when they revealed the culprit halfway through the movie I was like "Ok, this is dumb but the twist is coming" It kept me in my seat, it never came

  50. The twist is that the protagonists agree to give up and murder-suicide a child after being trapped for about 5 minutes. Before they even got hungry or thirsty.

  51. A fuckin' legendary post-game rant. I still vividly remember where I was when I saw that live and I'm not even a Cardinals or Bears fan.

  52. He got made fun of a lot for that, and people were acting like it didn't make sense, but he was 100% spot on, and it made perfect sense. Totally legendary, and I'm also not a fan of either team.

  53. Please don't encourage him to try again.

  54. And they act like the consequence of trying something you don't like is just not having a premium eating experience. The woman in this video is in a serious fight with her gag reflex. She's stuck between spitting the food out and rolling the vomit dice every time she tries to swallow it. Maybe she enjoys the adventure and danger of nearly vomiting in public, but I just prefer less drama in my meals.

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